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Looking to celebrate Halloween Smallville style?

Well break out your red and blue plaid because the Smallville Fan Club has events all month long!

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Read and discuss each part of the Smallville season 11 comic: Haunted (2012-13) each week in October!

:tv: Watch Parties Every Sunday at 11:00 PM :tv:

We’ve got your ghosts :ghost: vampires :vampire: a mummy believe it or not! :coffin: We’ll have a day for zombies :woman_zombie: and the crowning jewel on Halloween, witches! :broom:

We will keep track of all the unconscious characters and ruined vehicles to add to the Smallville Incident Report!

Spoiler Alert

These events will contain spoilers and discuss the series as a whole.

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Want to hear a funny moment, true story…
I was watching the Zombie episode of Smallville on my DVD, I think it was in season 9. As Clark held on to Zombie Lois, it begin to rain in the scene, as it started to rain in the scene, it started to rain at the same time in my hometown!:laughing:
I’m not kidding it actually happened.


That’s actually really spooky! :woman_zombie: I’ve got goosebumps now!


Ah, a Fall festival. Finally, a time to put on my best red and blue plaid shirt, roll up my sleeves and mosey about with apple cider (with a lid on, of course) in hand, as I take in the sights and smells.

Thanks for putting this swell spread (offering) on, @Bar-El!

sips his cider and walks about the festival


Alright Festival goers, put down that apple cider donut, tomorrow is the first Watch Party of the Super Spooktacular Smallville Festival! It’s time to get ghosty! :ghost:


And don’t fall :fallen_leaf: behind on your reading! Week 1 of Haunted is in full swing!