super sons?

So i hadn’t picked up my pull in months (ima bad customer). just found out super sons is done. I was really digging it, what do you guys think?

It’s great, a new series called The Adventures of the Supersons is on right now though!

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Relaunched as Adventures of the Super Sons.


No way cool thanks for the info

Best comic DC has done along with Peter J Tomasi run on Superman Rebirth. By the way both written by the same guy.

Super Sons is a great fun read. I just hope this kind of comic doesn’t disappear with the current push for more darker stories. The first ingredient in the “good comic recipe” is–FUN! I read comics to escape and not to be depressed or preached too. Tomasi’s Super Sons should be the rule and not the exception.

The original series was great. Enjoying the new series so far.