Super Sons animated series?

Would anybody else like to see DCU make a Super Sons animated series? Just curious.



I vote yes.


No! There are a ton of other characters more worthy of getting a series than those two wankers.




DeSade I’m curious who you want to have a DC animated show?

Peter J Tomasi made those two my favorite characters and he had one of the best runs of Superman in decades. Sad that DC bent over backwards for Bendis.


The Question, The Phantom Stranger, The Spectre, Jonah Hex, GL Corps, Etrigan/Jason Blood, Shining Knight, DeadMan.

There’s 8 and that’s the tip of the iceberg.

DC has so many great characters that aren’t members of the Bat or Superman families.

Let them shine and people get to know them.


The Super-Sons is pretty much the only comic series to make Damian likable, so I’m all for it.


Yes I would love this to happen!

Yes! Yes, please!

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I want it REALLY badly!

WAIT?!?! Damian has become likable?!?!

Can other people confirm this for me…

Only if it’s the style of Jorge jimenez. That dudes art is insane!

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The entire up and coming young audience needs this.

I am completely on the “Love Damien” side if the fence. I love him BECAUSE he is such a brash jerk. Now i LOVE all the robins, to be sure they all have thier distinct place, and before it was always voluntary. Damien gave me the logical progression of the story. A NEW damaged, broken, violent Wayne with massive family issues. You can’t pick your parents, and a parent HAS to stick by thier kid. There us no “old chum” here, this is a real father and son dynamic. Demian is EXACTLY an miniature Bruce Wayne. Only he’s (thirteen-ish?) so he says outloud what his father thinks but keeps to himself. The Pomposity, the privilidged condescension, and the utter disreguard of other peoples plans is some Classic Wayne stock right there. Bruce (and Thomas) are exactly the same way.

He DID become incredibly likeable alongside Jon. Damien’s friendship with Jon is outside of his family baggage. Demian let that puffed up chest of his relax some. Damien stays in perpetual emotional intensity, all to live up to legacy. He has both the Demon AND the Bat to live up to, it’s really all he cares about. Jon Gets it. Jon also bears the weight of legacy.

Once the boys get thier stride as partners, they both just assume that they will be doing this routine side by side, for the rest of their lives, and they BOTH find comfort in this ONE constant, in thier constantly chaotic family lives.


I am absolutely all about the idea of a Super Sons animated series!

This could be phenomenal. Imagine it in the vein of the Krypto animated show, maybe with a bit better writing. I think young kids (or people of all ages) would love this show. I remember loving Power Rangers: Turbo growing up because it had a kid power ranger. I think kids would feel the same way about this show. Plus, you could have cameos of various Teen Titans, maybe Batgirl, Nightwing, etc.

I’m totally for it! Those characters are so enjoyable to see together.

You know, if we give this enough momentum I bet we could make it happen. Let’s try to get this trending.

Indeed, my good Jonah. He is my favorite egotistical super-side-kick.
My gosh, we need an animated series! Why has this not been done immediately!?

I’d watch it

I would throw money at this so hard…