Super-sons animated movie?

It might be radically different from the comics, but an animated Super-sons movie in continuity with Batman: Hush and Reign of the Supermen would be awesome. Those two personalities on screen would be hilarious. I hope this version of Superboy joins the titans at least.


I would love to see this happen as well.


Idea of the day


They might have to come up with some time travel shenanigans to allow for it. Lois and Clark get married, but then some plot contrivance–er, I mean temporal anomaly–sends them back in time about a decade. They take on pseudonyms and live on a farm as Jonathan grows up, and Superman watches the events of previous films unfold without interfering. Bruce and Damian figure out that they’re around and investigate them, but the Dark Knight is eventually convinced that Clark is telling the truth. Damian and Jonathan move from rivalry to friendship. Then the Kents decide to resume their lives on the day of the temporal anomaly, and they have to make up some excuse for why they now have a 10-year-old son. The end.

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Love that idea

I like the idea of animated Super Sons movie just fine, but I could see it working as it’s own thing and not being tied to the existing movies.

A tone similar to JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time would work well, especially since WB would likely want to promote it to kids too.


Mr. Knox, they could just use Superboy from RotS.

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Mind = blown. Genius.

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yeah that could work.

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My three-year old was crying last night as I explained to him there was no Super Sons cartoon. He said: “but I will give them money.” I told him I understood—but they didn’t even have it for money: “why!” He was put out—DC make this happen!