Super Hero Uniforms


So this thought just popped up in my head.

The uniforms that our beloved heros wear… what exactly are they made out of…

Now let us exclude Superman as one chalk it up to Kryptonian material, and Wonder Woman with Amazonian made leathers and fabrics,

I am talking about Batman, Green Lantern Corps , The speedsters of the Flash Family starting with Barry Allen,

I think most would agree some are easy to tell, like Green Arrow, and some female heroines are just normal clothing / leather clad, etc.

But like in the movies and comics, what is it we are to meant to believe Batmans uniform is, like especially the pants. or the outer " underwear " , I mean the cape we can chalk up to wayne tech material, but Batmans’ uniform ( i prefer uniform vs costume ) has changed over the years as we all know, from fabric to armored clothing, or armor padded material.

Remember that one Batman movie, where Batman is scooping up Bat Imposters, after they started shooting, and dude is like, * what makes you better than us * an the reply was, I don’t wear hockey pants.

Granted it was explained earlier as being some kinda military B.D.U anyhow you get the drift by now.

I think Green Lantern Corps uniforms and all Lantern Uniforms are energy based uniforms, which, to me, poses a bit of a problem, because if you are not dressed before hand in something that you can fight in, and isnt comfortable, like you are just chilling in your fat pants and a tank top, and you get a buzz to get into action an off ya go, and then whoopsie mid battle, your ring runs out of juice, bloop there goes your uniform. * awkward*

okay now lets dabble a tiny bit into reality,

real military B.D.U s ( battle dress uniforms ) are not that special, they might be to a degree tear resistant, at best, but that is about it, law enforcement uniforms are nothing super special.

cosplay stuff is well, the best ones look movie quality and are cool looking,

so what would a real Batsuit or hero uniform with todays materials be, and would they be functional or worth making ?

Because all I know of, is armor plating . armored padding on top of an outter uniform like S.W.A.T does, helmets which are bulky, etc.

BLT Sammich.


P.S there is literally bullet proof face masks on the market, but lets’ be real about that, if you get shot in the face an you are wearing a bullet proof mask, you have other problems to worry about in the first place, second, you are probably not going to be feeling great after a bullet hits you, nor mobile for very long after repeated shots to said mask, if the mask does its’ job.


I have non military experience with practical armor. Mostly on the research and historical end of things. I also take cosplay very seriously.

Batman wears three fold kevlar coated in fireproof material for soft parts (originally asbestos but changed later to vague “fire department/Wayne tech” material). Hard parts are steel, titanium, or Wayne tech shock absorbing plates made of who knows what (again changed over time).

I would like to take this time to say that Katana’s new 52 armor is amazing except it’s drawn on the wrong arm 90% of the time. The armor is for a dominant hand but she is generally shown with left handed armor and right handed fighting. It’s not perfect but for her style it’s pretty good.

Shining Knight and Azrael are generally shown in chain mail. This is stupid except it’s magic. I mean against a sword or axe, not stupid. Against literally any other weapon. Stupid.

Superman’s costume was originally skin tight normal cloth made by his mother. His invulnerability was originally from a just slightly not skin tight force field around him. Thus the cloth was inside and protected. Modern tellings generally have it made from the same made up Krypton material as his cape.

Wonder Woman … Doesn’t wear a lot of armor. (I always prefer her in armor). Her bracelets and tiara are made from a magic material found only on Themascara, generally with added magic to the base material.

Most GLs make theirs out of energy but some do have cloth back ups for just such a situation as you described. I’d have to more research than I care to do to find out which ones, ask HCQ if it matters to you (might try some of the gl fans on here too).

I have more but I’ll stop. Ask about specific people if you want. Some people you don’t think about actually have pretty sophisticated armor. Scarecrow for example. All those tubes and masks are harder to hook up than you’d think.


I wear spandex and fabric. I keep body armor under my bat symbol. Other than that no armor at all.