Super Hero Genre History

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Major Super Hero Genre History
Identified according to Medium

Pre sequel

1933 Comic Strip (unpublished) Superman by Siegel Shuster (both born 1914 so 19 years old)

1935 Comic Book New Fun Comics has first all New Material

1936 Comic Book New Fun Siegel Shuster does Federal Men

1938 Comic Book Siegel Shuster produces Slam Bradley, Radio Squad, Spy, Federal Men and Dr. Occult.

1938 Comic Book Siegel Shuster Superman and alter ego Clark Kent, Lois Lane appear in Action Comics 1. Siegel Shuster sells rights for 130 dollars, get 10 year contract with 800 dollars a week each.

As shown above, Siegel and Shuster had worked for the Company that became DC Comics for two years before Action Comics 1. They were not unknown teenagers to DC but known, experienced talent.

The Golden Age begins.

1939 Comic Strip Siegel Shuster Superman

1939 Comic Book Bob Kane Bill Finger (co-creator writer uncredited) Detective 27, first appearance of Batman.

1939 Comic Book Timely now Marvel Android Human Torch by Burgos and Anti hero Namor the Submariner by Everett appear.

1940 Comic Book MLJ, now Archie First patriotic super hero The Shield.

1940 Comic Book All Star Comics 3 Justice Society of America, first super hero team. Superman and Batman excluded because had own title. Original members are Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Atom, Sandman, Hourman, Spectre and Doctor Fate. Last issue 57, replaced by All Star Western, in 1951.

1940 Comic Book Fawcette Whiz Comics Captain Marvel. The child Billy Batson is granted super powers by shouting Shazam (From First Letters of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury)

1940 Comic Book All Star Comics 8 (Justice Society of America comic) Wonder Woman by William Moulton Marston and H G Peter.

1940 Comic Book Detective 38 Robin, first sidekick. Gave Batman someone to talk to. Kids wanted to be Robin. Batman takes a more gentle tone after Robin appears.

1940 Batman 1 First appearance of Joker and Catwoman

1940 Radio Adventures of Superman Added Jimmy Olsen (gave Superman someone to talk to, essential in radio), Flying, Kryptonite, Batman and Robin

1940 16 page Comic Insert for Newspapers The Spirit Will Eisner.

1941 Comic Book Timely now Marvel Captain America Simon and Kirby

1941 Comic Book MLJ, now Archie Pep Comics Archie Andrews

1941 Movie Superman Max Fleischer Cartoons Superman flies, not leaps, in later cartoons.

1941 Movie serial Captain.Marvel

1941-1970 Comic Books During this time, Mort Weisenger was editor of Superman and Action.Comics, replaced by Julius Schwartz. Supergirl, Red Kryptonite, Bizarro, Transformations of Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane, Imaginary Stories, all originated when he was editor. He also co-created such features as Aquaman, Green Arrow, Johnny Quick, and the original Vigilante, and served as story editor for the Adventures of Superman television series.

In 1931, Weisinger had hosted a meeting of pioneer SF fan club “The Scienceers,” which was attended by future DC editor Julius Schwartz, who recalled that the two became “very friendly”. A year later, Weisinger, and Schwartz joined future Famous Monsters of Filmland editor Forrest J. Ackerman in founding The Time Traveller, which they styled “Science Fiction’s Only Fan Magazine”.
SF historian Sam Moskowitz, described the magazine as the first devoted entirely to science fiction. Drawing on information they had gleaned from writing letters to the SF magazines and authors of the day, the young fans published interviews with, and short pieces by, established SF writers.

Weisenger and Schwartz later formed the Solar Sales Service, the first literary agency to specialize in the related genres of SF, horror, and fantasy. Edmond Hamilton was the agency’s first client, and Otto Binder followed. They eventually represented many prominent SF and fantasy writers, including Alfred Bester (who later wrote Golden Age Green Lantern and created characters Vandal Savage and Solomon Grundy), Stanley Weinbaum, H. P. Lovecraft, and Ray Bradbury.

1942-45 WW II

Siegel drafted. Poor eyesight of Shuster causes him to be rejected.

30% of the reading material shipped to soldiers are comic books

Paper needed to be donated for War effort. These paper drives make older comics very rare.

1945 Comic book More Fun 101 introduced Superboy - Superman when he was young. Superboy was not part of Siegel Shuster contract. Siegel suggested it but DC said no. DC used character while Siegel was in Army.

1946 Soldiers return home.
Comic book sales drop dramatically because no longer shipped to soldiers, former soldiers think of comics as related to war, comic book covers no longer can carry dramatic and patriotic War themes.

1947 Court Case As 10 year contract nears end, Siegel Shuster sue DC for rights to Superman and Superboy. They lose the case and are fired by DC.

1947 Comic Book Simon Kirby Young Romance

1947 Wonder Woman creator Marston dies. His wife Elizabeth asks for her being given the right to write Wonder Woman, as she worked with her husband on it. DC refuses.

1948 Movie Serial Superman

1950 Comic Book EC Comics Crime Horror

1950s Most superheroes no longer published. Only Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superboy, and backups Aquaman and Green Arrow survived

Replacements were:

Cowboy titles: (Atlas, now Marvel, had Kid Colt Outlaw, Rawhide Kid, Two-Gun Kid, and Wild Western, all by Stan Lee. Harvey had Boys’ Ranch, by Simon and Kirby, DC Comics had All-Star Western, which replaced the JSA in All Star Comics in 1951)

Humor/Romance: (Archie, at Atlas: Mille the Model and Patsy Walker (lHellcat decades later) by Stan Lee),

and EC Comics: (Crime, Horror, Science Fiction, War and Humor (Mad)).

1951 to 1972 Magazine
PS Magazine, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly, for US Army, Will Eisner

1952 TV Adventures of Superman

1954 Court Case National Comics Publications versus Fawcette Publications. Judge ruled Captain Marvel was a copy of Superman in 1952, after 11 years of litigation. Fawcette paid 400,000 in damages and got out of declining super hero market. Whiz Comics ended with issue #155 in June 1953, Captain Marvel Adventures was canceled with #150 in November 1953, and The Marvel Family ended its run with #89 in January 1954.

1954 Book Seduction of the Innocent Comic book says comic books are a cause of juvenile delinquency

Batman Robin were portrayed in the book as homosexuals living together Superman was a fascist. Wonder Woman was a Lesbian.

1954 Congressional Hearing on Comics EC Publisher Bill Gaines Testifies. Public Relations disaster

1954 Comic Code Authority
(CCA) created, providing self censorship guidelines for remaining publishers.

1954 Wholesalers refuse EC Comics because no CCA seal on covers

1955 Magazine Mad first appears.


1955 Comic Book Detective Comics backup Martian Manhunter

1956 to 1967 Comic Books Jerry Siegel 's second wife, who modeled for Siegel Shuster as Lois Lane, shamed DC to employ Siegel as a writer for Superman stories again including Return to Krypton and Imaginary Story Death of Superman.

1956 Comic Book Showcase 4 The Flash. Barry Allen Julius Schwartz editor. Kanigher Infantino Kubert

The Silver Age Starts

1958 Comic Book Adventure Comics Legion of Super Heroes. by Otto Binder.

1958 Magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland, started by publisher James Warren and editor Forrest J Ackerman.

1959 Comic Book Supergirl Action Comics 252. Otto Binder

1959 Comic Book Archie Publishers Adventures of the Fly (had limited powers at first, couldn’t fly, later all insect powers. Originally a child orphan with a Captain Marvel type spoken word transformation, soon an adult, was prototype for Spider-Man when Kirby did inital drawings for Stan Lee which Stan rejected for leaner Steve Ditko version) and Double Life of Private Strong (revival of Archie’s patriotic super hero Shield, which predated Captain America, with Superman like powers, sued out of existence by DC) by Simon and Kirby. Simon Estate now owns both of these characters, but not related character Fly Girl or original 1940s Shield.

1959 Comic Book Showcase 22 Green Lantern Hal.Jordan by Schwartz Broome Kane

1959 Comic Book Our Army at War Sgt Rock Kanigher Kubert

1960 Comic Book Brave and Bold Justice League of America
Flash Green Lantern Wonder Woman Aqiaman.Martian Manhunter, with Batman.and Superman only occasionally appearing in early issue.
Schwartz Fox Sekowsky

1961 Comic Book Marvel Fantastic Four Lee Kirby. On golf course, DC publisher Jack Liebowitz told Marvel Publisher Martin Goodman of big hit JLA by editor Julius Schwartz. Goodman tells Stan Lee, cousin to Goodman’s wife, to create a title with a group of super heroes. Julie said later on, “I not only saved DC Comics, I saved Marvel Comics too.”

1961 Comic Book Flash 123 Flash of Two Worlds Original Flash Jay Garrick, Earth 2 parallel world introduced. Schwartz Fox Infantino.

1961 Comic Book Brave and the Bold 34 Hawkman Schwartz Fox Kubert

1961 Fan Magazine Alter Ego Jerry Bails Roy Thomas. Effort encouraged by Julie Schwartz, who created fanzines when young and printed full addresses of fans in his letter columns.

1962 Comic Book Marvel Amazing Fantasy 15 Spider-Man Lee Ditko

1962 Comic Book Showcase 37 Metal Men. Kanigher Andru

1962 Comic Book Gold Key Doctor Solar Man of the Atom had powers like later heroes Captain Atom.and Dr Manhattan. Other Gold Key Comics were Turok.Son of Stone (1954, 1956 to 1982) , American Indian in lost valley of Dinosaurs and Magnus Robot Fighter, (1963) set in future. These three heroes were core of Valiant Comics by Jim Shooter in 1991. Later adventures of the three were published by Dark Horse and Dynamite Comics

1963 Comic Book Justice League of America 21 22 Crisis on Earth One Crisis on.Earth Two First meeting between Justive League of America and Justice Society of America. Schwartz Fox Sekowsky

1963 Comic Book My Greatest Adventure 80 Doom Patrol Drake Hane Premianiu

1964 Comic Book Detective Comics 327 Julius Schwartz now Batman Editor. Yellow around Batman chest symbol. John Broome Carmine Infantino. Elongated Man replaces Martian Manhunter backup.

1964 The parents of 13 year old Mike Uslan and his friend Bobby drive up to Otto Binder’s house, known in comic book pro circles as “The House That Captain Marvel Built” (based on the years of comic book script checks Otto received for writing Captain Marvel stories), They met Mrs. Binder and their blonde, pretty, almost 14 year-old daughter, Mary (named after Otto’s earlier creation, Mary Marvel). She was the one girl on Earth, who did NOT look at a teenage boy who read and loved comic books as any sort of nerd, geek, or loser. The two boys spent the next ten hours with Otto Binder in his attic office. Otto brought to life the history of comics. He talked about pulp magazines, radio shows, movie serials with weekly cliffhanger endings, how the comic book companies like DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Harvey Comics and Archie Comics all came to be, and how and by whom the great comic book heroes were created, starting with Superman and Batman and Captain Marvel. How the early comic books were created, written, drawn, edited, inked, lettered, colored, printed, and distributed, what “lawsuits” were, and then detailed the time Superman hired a lawyer to sue Captain Marvel, claiming Cap was a copy of Superman.
As night began to fall, Otto gave the two boys copies of his actual comic book scripts for Superman, Superboy, Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, a Legion of Super-Heroes story, and a Bizarro tale. Then a copy of his most famous science fiction work, “I, Robot,” the story of Adam Link, the first robot accorded human rights. Finally, Otto Binder gave them stacks of Golden Age comic books he had duplicates of, including Captain Marvel Adventures #9 with the first comic book story he ever wrote about Captain Marvel, “Captain Marvel, Saving the King”: Captain Marvel, Jr. #1; and many Whiz Comics and Master Comics.

1965 Convention Broadway Central Hotel. Mike Uslan, Bobby and Mike’s parents, on a humid July day in downtown New York City. The world’s first ever comic book convention, with nearly two hundred fans. At the bar, 14 year old Uslan was introduced to uncredited Batman co creator Bill Finger by Otto Binder. Flo Steinberg, the gal Friday of Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee, Maggie Thompson and her husband Don, Roy Thomas, Len Wein and Marv Wolfman attended. Dr. Jerry Bails, a professor at Wayne State University in Michigan, co-founder of comic book fandom, presided over the comic book auction. Action.Comics 1 went for $40. Uslan wanted Batman 1 badly. He was aware that in addition to this being the first edition of Batman Comics, it also marked the first appearance of BOTH the Joker and the Catwoman. He had $22.50 and begged for five dollars more from his dad. He then bid 27.50. It sold for $29.
Next came the Costume Parade Contest, judged by Binder. Uslan’s mom had created a costume of the original 1939 DC comic book character the Sandman, who wore a green double-breasted suit, a purple cape, orange gloves, a gold fedora, and a gas mask, while packing a Wirepoon Gun. Uslan assumed he was the first color-blind superhero. He remembered a chubby Marv Wolfman dressed as Herbie, the Fat Fury. Then Phil Seuling and his wife, Carole, entered as Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel costumes. Phil struck a classic superhero hands-on-hips pose and looked about at all the superheroes assembled in the run-down ballroom, including Batman and Spider-Man, and proclaimed, “It’s a bad night for evildoers!’” Then Dave Kaler, in full makeup and garbed in a swirl of blue satin that could have been designed by Bob Mackie for Cher’s Las Vegas act. He WAS Dr. Strange. He won the contest.


1964 Comic Book Marvel Avengers 4 Captain America thawed from ice Lee Kirby

1964 Magazine Creepy James Warren Publisher revival of horror comics. Like Mad Magazine, not under CCA code.

1965 Comic Book Brave and the Bold 60 Robin Kid Flash, Aqualad, Teen Titans Haney

1965 Comic Book Our Army at War 151 Enemy Ace Kanigher Kubert

1965 Comic Book Thunder Agents Dynamo No Man Menthor worked for UN as day job Wally Wood Steve Ditko Gil Kane Mike Sekowsky

1965 Comic Book Charlton Strange Suspense Story 75 Captain Atom by Gill Ditko

1966 Comic Book Adventure Comics 346, Jim Shooter, 14 years old at the time, wrote his first Legion of Super Heroes story.

1966 TV Batman. Camp craze begins. 20th Century Fox Television (now Disney, which own Marvel) still holds the rights to this show, not Warner Brothers. When Camp craze dies, Batman comic book sales plummet.

1966 Comic Book Marvel Fantastic Four 52 Black Panther Lee Kirby

1966 Musical It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman. Also a Camp version

1966 Comic Book.Inferior Five Super Hero Parody by E Nelson Bridwell and Joe Orlando.

1966 Comic Book Carmine Infantino becomes DC Editorial Director

1967 Comic Book Wayne Boring was fired as Superman artist by Mort Weisenger, perhaps pushed by Infantino to remove older artists and writers and get newer people.

1967 Comic Book Detective Comics 359 Barbara Gordon First appearance As Batgirl: Character requested by TV show

1967 Comic Book Charlton.Blue Beetle 1 The Question Steve Ditko

1967 Comic Book DC Comics becomes part of Warner Brothers.

1968 Comic Book Writers Otto Binder, Bill Finger, John Broome, Arnold Drake, and Gardner Fox and artists Kurt Schaffenberger.asked DC management for more financial benefits, including reprint payments, higher page rates and health insurance. This was a poor time to ask. None were employees, but ‘work for hire’. DC could at any time just not give them assignment. Sales at DC were declining, as sales at Marvel were increasing. Much younger writers, who were former fans, were requesting work, and available at a much lower page rate. It was not so much as people were let go, but if any DC editors was willing to use them (and after the rebellion, that was probably discouraged), that wouldn’t have lasted long.
One result:
Justice League of America 65
Gardner Fox
Justice League of America 66
Denny O Neil
Fox wrote novels. Deadman and Doom Patrol co creator Drake went to Marvel for a brief period, Binder went back to writing science fiction, Broome relocated to Paris.
Some say these writers leaving DC was the true end of the Silver Age.

1968 Comic Book Showcase 76 Western Bat Lash Plot by Sergio Aragonés, Art by Nick Cardy, Denny O Neil Dialogue

1968 Comic Books Wonder Woman surrendered her powers to remain in “Man’s World” rather than join her fellow Amazons to another dimension where they could "restore their magic’ (part of her motivation was to assist Steve Trevor, who was facing criminal charges). This new era of the comic book was influenced by the British television series The Avengers, with Wonder Woman bcoming like Emma Peel. Diana Prince ran a boutique, and fought crime. Denny O’Neil and editor/plotter/artist Mike Sekowsky

1970 Comic Book Green Lantern Green Arrow 76 O’Neill Adams

1970 Comic Book Marvel Conan the Barbarian Roy Thomas

1971 Comic Book.Superman 233. First Superman under editor Julius Schwartz By O’Neil, Swan Anderson All kryptonite becomes iron. Clark Kent is reassigned by his new boss, Morgan Edge, as a television reporter of WGBS, and O’Neil dumps wimpy Clark Kent persona. O’Neil soon left New look.was abandoned when Cary Bates wrote Superman 243.

1971 Comic Book Batman 232 “Daughter of the Demon” writer Denny O’ Neil and atist Neal Adams redefined the Batman from the campy figure in the 1966 Batman TV series into a dread avenger of the night. This story is one of the high points of their legendary run.

The Bronze Age starts.

1971 Comic Book New Gods Kirby comes to DC

1971 Comic Book Marvel Kree–Skrull War Roy Thomas, Sal and John Buscema, Neal Adams.

1971 Comic Book Comic Code Authority standards revised. Code now permited the depiction of “narcotics or drug addiction” if presented “as a vicious habit”.
Also, newly allowed were “vampires, ghouls and werewolves.when handled in the classic tradition such as Frankenstein, Dracula, and other literary works written by Edgar Allan Poe, Saki, Conan Doyle and other respected authors whose works are read in schools around the world”.
The ban on references to Homosexuality was repealed in 1989 to allow non-stereotypical portrayals of LGBT characters.

1971 Comic Book Marvel Savage Tales 1 First appearance of Man Thing, By Thomas Conway. Later THE Writer of Man Thing was Steve Gerber

1971 College Course on Comic Books Indiana University Mike Usland instructor. Dean refused initially.

Mike asked, “So would you VERY
briefly summarize for me the basic story of Moses?”

“The Hebrew people were being persecuted, their first-born were being slain,” The dean said, “A Hebrew couple placed their infant son into a little wicker basket and sent him drifting down the Nile. The basket was found by an Egyptian couple who raised the child as their own son. When he grew up and learned of his true heritage, he became a great hero to his people by…”

“Do you recall the origin of Superman?” He asked. “Sure,” he repliesd, “The planet Krypton was about to explode. A scientist and his wife placed their infant son into a little rocket ship and sent him to earth where he was found by the Kents, who raised him as their own son.When he grew up and learned of his true…”

The dean then said, “Mr. Uslan, your course is accredited.”

1972 Fan Magazine Comic Reader by Paul Levitz In 1975, left NYU to work for DC Comics Wrote Legion of Super Heroes and JSA in All Star Comics. Served as Batman editor, vice president, executive vice president, president and publisher of DC Comics. As an executive he helped out older artists in need increased Siegel and Shuster benefits to 100 thousand per year and ensured deceased creators got respectful memorial services. Along with publisher Jenette Kahn and editor Dick Giordano, he was responsible for hiring creators such as Alan Moore, Marv Wolfman, John Byrne, George Perez, Keith Giffen and editor Karen Berger. In 2009 he stepped down as President and Publisher of DC Comics to serve as the Contributing Editor and Overall Consultant for DC Entertainment. Afterward, as the co-creator of the Earth-2 Huntress with artist Joe Staton he wrote a mini series on her which continued into Worlds Finest with Power Girl in the New 52.

1972 Comic Book Swamp Thing Wein Wrightson

1972 Comic Book Marvel Tomb of Dracula Wolfman Colan

1972 Comic Book All Star Western 10.Jonah Hex


1972 Magazine Ms Magazine Gloria Steinem, who grew up reading Wonder Woman comics, was offended that the most famous female superheroine had been depowered, placed Wonder Woman (in costume) on the cover of first issue of Ms.

1972 Comic Book Hardcover
reprinting Golden Age Wonder Woman stories of Marston and H G Peter. Gloria Steinem selected the stories and wrote “Wonder Woman symbolizes many of the values of the women’s culture that Feminists are now trying to introduce into the mainstream: strength and self reliance for women; sisterhood and mutual support among women; peacefulness and esteem for human life; a diminishment both of ‘masculine’ aggression and of the belief that violence is the only way of solving confiicts.”

1973 Comic Book Wonder Woman’s powers and traditional costume were restored in issue 204. Robert Kanigher became writer-editor.

1973 Comic Book Justice League of America 107 108 Black Condor, Dolll Man, Human Bomb, Ray, Phantom Lady, Uncle Sam on Earth X where Nazis won World War II.Plastic Man Blackhawks dead All heroes were from Quality Comics Publications By Wein Dillion

1973 Magazine James Warren reprints The Spirit by Will Eisner

1973 TV Super Friends Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman

1973 Comic Book DC Comics Shazam The Original Captain Marvel on Earth S. Dr Sivana had placed characters in suspended animation for 20 years. Original Artist C C Beck left after 10 issues. Lasted 35 issues.

1973 Comic Book Batman #251 “The Joker’s Five Way Revenge!” Changed The Joker, whio was a prankster or annoyance to a wildcard killer. Joker tracks down his old gang since one of them was a snitch whose testimony sent him to jail. He kills them one by one, as Batman tries to stop him from killing again…

1973, Comic Book Detective Comics 437 to 443, Manhunter by Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson. In contrast to Batman, Paul.Kirk wore bright color, worked world wide and carried a Mauser, a Katar, and two shuriken “throwing stars”.

1973 Comic Book Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man 121-122 The Night Gwen Stacy Died, by Conway, Kane.
Superheroics had been a game to Peter Parker.
Then the Green Goblin kidnapped Gwen Stacy. Spider-Man tracked the Goblin and an unconscious Gwen down to the George Washington Bridge Spider-Man and the Goblin fight, and the Goblin threw Gwen off the bridge. Spider-Man shot a webline to save her, but she was dead when he got her up, her neck broken by his attrmpt to rescue her.
When Mary Jane chooses to stay with Peter after he lashed out at her in grief, making her cry in anger and sadness before firmly closing the door shut and staying with Peter, is generally considered the moment MJ realized that she was in love with Peter and not merely attracted and flirting with him.
This tragic tale is considered by many to be the true ending of the optimistic Silver Age of Comics.

1974 Comic Book Adventure Comics 431 to 440 The All powerful Spectre kills his victims in sadistic manner, like turning criminals (who are fully conscious) into wood, then setting them on fire. “No social work for him,” said James Steranko in his 1970 History of the Comics Writer/Artist Mike Fleisher and Jim Aparo. Editor was Joe Orlando, who legend has it, chose the character after being mugged. However Orlando had done horror comics before, in 1950s EC Comics, Horror was now allowed again in comicd, and a supernatural horror super hero was an unique twist.

1974 TV Movie Wonder Woman, featuring Cathy Lee Crosby, as a non-superpowered globe-trotting super-spy.

1974 TV Series Shazam

1974 Comic Book Otto Binder dies. Best know as co-creator of Mary Marvel and Supergirl. He was prolific in the comic book field and is credited with writing over 4400 stories across a variety of publishers under his own name. During his time at Fawcett, Binder co-created with Marc Swayze and C. C. Beck such characters as Mary Marvel, Uncle Dudley, Mr. Tawky Tawny, Black Adam and Mr. Mind, as well as two of Doctor Sivana’s four children: the evil teens Thaddeus Sivana Jr. and daughter Georgia. For DC comics he co-created the Legion of Super-Heroes, a teen superhero team from the future that eventually became one of DC’s most popular features. Also Brainiac and the Bottle City of Kandor, Supergirl, Krypto the Super Dog. the Phantom Zone, and the supporting characters Lucy Lane, Beppo the Super Monkey, and Titano the Super Ape. He introduced Jimmy Olsen’s signal-watch, and Jimmy’s Elastic Lad identity. He wrote the Lois Lane feature in Showcase #9, creating the first “Imaginary Tale, for Lois Lane” and of writing 'most of the early" Bizarro stories, including at least the first “Tales of the Bizarro World” feature.
Otto never recovered from the death of his only child, Mary in 1967 at age 16. She had been on her way to school one morning when a car jumped the curb, went intro the driveway in front of the school and killed her. Memories of his daughter forced him and his wife to move from Englewood, New Jersey, to upstate New York where his brother, artist Jack lived. As film producer and comics historian Michael Uslan, a family friend, recalled, “Otto never recovered. His wife never recovered. She had a breakdown, and Otto started drinking, and eventually he dropped dead of a heart attack. And the three of them were gone, like in a flash.”

1975 TV Wonder Woman First season set in World War II. Other two season set in the current era. Lynda Carter was Wonder Woman and Lyle Waggoner the 1940s Steve Trevor in the first season.and his son in the other two seasons.

1975 Comic Book Marvel Invaders Marvel Captain.America Human Torch Namor in World War II, Thomas

1975 Comic Book Marvel X men Giant 1 Wein Cockrum Storm Wolverine major characters later writer Claremont artist Byrne

1975 Movie Neal Adams Jerry Robinson and others campaign for justice for Siegel Shuster who are destitue while millions are spent on new Superman movie. Eventually Siegel Shuster got 20,000 each a year, extendable to heirs, medical benefits, and credits on comic books, TV and movies.

1975 Comic Book Marvel Defenders non team Hulk Dr Strange Namor sometimes Silver Surfer later Nighthawk, Valykrie, Hellcat (Patsy Walker, created in 1950s as teenager) First issue by Gerber, created by Thomas

1976 Comic Book All Star Comics 58 revival of Justice Society of America Power Girl introduced later Helena Wayne, Huntress, daughter of Earth 2 Batman and Catwoman Conway Wood, later Levitz Stanton

1976 Comic Book Jenette Kahn, 28 years old, became publisher of DC Comics. Offers Royalties to creators. The implementation of these incentives proved useful as Marvel Comics’ Editor-in-Chief, Jim Shooter, was alienating much of his company’s creative staff with his authoritarian manner and major talents there went to DC like Roy Thomas, Gene Colan, Marv Wolfman, and George Perez. Resigned in 2002 still President. She revitalized DC Comics including creating Vertigo with editor Karen Burger.


1976 Comic Book Marvel Howard the Duck Gerber Brunner, then Colan

1977 Comic Book Black Lightning Tony Isabella

1977 Comic Book Adventure Comics 452 Black Mantra kills Aquababy, Arthur Curry Jr. No longer Canon.

1978 Movie Superman Warner Brothers and DC get a lot of good publicity as Siegel and his wife and Shuster attended Premiere of Superman the Movie and saw ‘Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’ credit appear on the screen.

1979 Comic Book Detective Comics 471 to 476 Steve Engleheart and Marshall Rogers take on Batman, considered one of the best runs on the character

1979 Movie Michael Uslan, buys movie rights to Batman, when Warner Brothers thought TV Batman made character unprofitable for movies. Uslan still owns movie rights to Batman.

1980 Comic Book New Teen Titans Wolfman Petez. New charscters Cyborg Raven Starfite. plus Dick Grayson. Donma Troy Wally West and Beast Boy from.Doom Patrol.

1980 Movie Michael Uslan got movie rights to Swamp Thing and John Constantine for free because Warner Brother executive considered characters to be useless in terms of profit. How times (don’t) change

1982 Movie Swamp Thing Wes Craven Producer Michael Uslan.

1982 Comic Book Camelot 3000 is a twelve-issue comic book limited series written by Mike W. Barr and penciled by Brian Bolland. It was published by DC Comics from 1982 to 1985 as one of its first direct market projects, and as its first maxi-series. It was also the first comic book series to be printed on better quality Baxter paper instead of newsprint.

1982 Comic Book The Great Darknese Saga Legion of Super Heroes versus Darksaid, by Paul Levitz.

1983 Comic Book Batman and the Outsiders. Batman leaves Justice League and creates own team. Batman, Black Lightning, Metamorpho, Geo-Force, Katana, Halo and Looker. Barr Aparo

1984 Comic Books DC Comics were not selling well while Marvel was doing great. Warner Brothers almost closed down the DC Comics publishing imprint and wanted to license the characters to Marvel. According to Jim Shooter. Marvel would have continued to publish DC’s seven most popular properties – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Justice League, Teen Titans and Legion of Super-Heroes – and would have had room to expand the line later if they so chose. Shooter wanted deal but Marvel executives declined, thinking that DC was failing because of the characters, and that it would not be profitable for Marvel.

1984 Comic Book Tales of the Teen Titans 42 to 44 and Tales of the Teen Titans Annual 3 The Judas Contract. New character Tara introduced. Wally West Flash and Dick Grayson.Robin quit. Betrayal of Titans. Deathstroke. Jericho. Grayson become Nightwing.

1984 Comic Book All Star Squadron Set in World War II, original members Hawkman Atom, Dr Midnight (from JSA) Plastic Man, Robotman, Jonny Quick, Liberty Belle. Roy Thomas

1984 Comic Book Saga of Swamp Thing 21 The Anatomy Lesson Alan Moore

1985 Comic Book Superman Annual 11. For the Man Who Has Everything.Superman Batman Robin Wonder Woman Mongul.First appearance of the Black Mercy, an extraterrestrial, magical plantlike organism that, upon it attaching parasitically to its victims, exhibits enjoyable hallucinogenic effects onto the victims’ minds. Adapted to television twice, in Justice League Unlimited and “For the Girl Who Has Everything”, foe the live action Supergirl TV series. Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons

1985 Comic book Crisis on Infinite Earths by Wolfman Perez. Barry Allen dies, Wally West becomes Flash. Kara Zor el, Supergirl also dies. Multiverse Earths becomes a single earth. Original Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin, formerly on Earth 2, erased from.history. Wonder Woman turned back into clay. Helena Wayne, daughter of Earth 2 Batman and Catwoman dies, along with many other characters.

Bronze Age ends and Modern Age begins.

1986 Comic Book Dark Knight Returns Frank Miller, later to be first hugely successful Graphic Novel.

1986 Comic Book Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons… Also converted to hugely successful Graphic Novel. Continuously in print so rights never reverted to creators, as promised.


1986 Comic Book “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” Written by Alan Moore Editor Julius Schwartz, the story was published in two parts, beginning in Superman #423 and ending in Action Comics #583, both published in September 1986. The story was drawn by long-time artist Curt Swan in his final major contribution to the Superman titles and was inked by George Pérez in the issue of Superman and Kurt Schaffenberger in the issue of Action Comics. The story was an imaginary story which told the final tale of the Silver Age Superman and his long history, which was being rebooted following the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, The Last Stand of Krypto Lana Lang Insect Queen and Jimmy Olson Elastic Lad attacking the villains to save Superman. The last imaginary story. Aren’t they all.

1986 Comic Book Man of Steel Byrne Superman sole survivor of Krypton. Gained powers after decades on Earth. Nowhere near as previous version.

1986 Comic Book .Legends Byrne Dr. Fate organizes The new Superman, Batman, The new Wonder Woman (first appearance), Captain Marvel, Guy Gardner, Black Canary, Beast Boy, Wally Flash and the Blue Beetle to fight the forces ot Darksaid. Later Martian Manhunter.

1986 Comic Book The Legend of Wonder Woman Perez needed time so this four issues mini series this year were required because otherwise character would have reverted to Marston. Estate. A look back at deceased Wonder Woman. Kurt Busiek and Trina Robbins’

1986 Movie First Marvel film Howard the Duck

1987 Comic Book Wonder Woman Perez This Diana is new to Man’s world. Not an experiencef super hero at all.

1987 Comic Book Batman Year One Miller Mazzucchelli

1987 Comic Book Justice League then Justice League International (JLI) with issue 7 DeMatteis Griffen Inital members: Batman, Black Canary,
Blue Beetle (Charlton), Captain Marvel (Fawcette),Doctor Fate (Earth 2), a female Dr. Light, Guy Gardner, Martian Manhunter, Mister Miracle The comedic tone was Giffen’s idea, Booster Gold added. Guy Gardner was now a loutish hothead, Booster Gold was greedier and more inept than before, and Captain Marvel displayed a childlike personality. Captain Atom and Rocket Red #7 are added to the team by the United States and Russia
respectively. Captain Marvel and Doctor Fate quit the team for personal reasons; Batman steps down as leader, appointing Martian Manhunter to replace him.

1987 Comic Book Shazam!: The New Beginning. Roy and Dani Thomas artist Tom Mandrake. The personality of young Billy Batson is retained when he transforms into the Captain. This change was justification for his sunny. Golden-Age personality in the darker modern-day comic book world

1987 Comic Book Flash 1 Wally West as Flash but less powerful than Barry Allan For example, instead of being able to reach the speed of light, he could run just faster than that of sound.[The character had to eat vast quantities of food to maintain his metabolism.

1987 Comic Book Green Arrow The Longbow Hunters Mike Grell

1988 Graphic Novel Killing Joke by Alan Moore. Barbara Gordon, Batgirl, paralyzed for 23 years, later becomes Oracke.

1988 Comic Book Death in the Family Batman 426 to 429 Joker crowbars secod Robin (Jason Todd), later to become Red Hood. Starlin Aparo. Death result of a telephone poll on whether Jason lived or died.

1989 Comic Book Animal Man Grant Morrison.

1989 Comic Book Suicide Squad 23 First Appeatance of Barbara Gordon as Oracle, disabled Computer Whiz.

1989 Comic Book Sandman Neil Gaiman

1989 Comic Book Doom Patrol 19 Crawling from the Wreckage Grant Morrison

1989 Movie Batman Director Tim Burton and Producer Michael Uslan, who bought movie rights to Batman in 1979. Uslan gives a speech at the premiere, praising his mother and father as well as two teachers, who had encouraged his early writings. He arraigned for all four to come by limousine.

1991 Comic Book DC Comics acquires all right to Captain Marvel and related characters from Fawcette Publications.

1991 Comic Book Sandman 19: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Written by Neil Gaiman; Art by Charles Vess wins 1991 World Fantasy Award Winner for Best Short Fiction. Based on Sandman meeting Shakespeare for a Performance of his play before the actual faires portrayed therein. Hugo Award Rules were changed so comic books not allowed to compete…

1992 Movie Batman Returns Catwoman Penguin

1992 TV Batman The Animated Series Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. Start of DCAU.

1992 Comic Book Death of Superman. Sells millions of copies. Event created because TV show Lois and Clark in development and planned Lois Lane Clark Kent marriage had to be postponed to coordinate with new series. Followed by Funeral for a Friend and Reign of the Superman, which introduced new Steel and Superboy.

1993 TV Lois and Clark

1993 Comic Book Vertigo Imprint Karen Burger Editor until pushed out in 2013. Now works for Dark Horse. Successful titles under Vertigo included Fables, Hellblazer, The Invisibles, 100 Bullets, Preacher, V for Vendetta, The Unwritten and Y: The Last Man, plus already existing titles Sandman, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol and Animal Man.

1993 Comic Book Death High Cost of Living The Trade includes Death’s First Appearance in Sandman 8, 1991, Sound of Her Wings Neil Gaiman

1993 Comic Book JSA The Golden Age by James Robinson. Era after World War II to beginning of Silver Age. Main characters Justice Society and other DC Golden.Age characters

1993 Comic Book Batman Adventures 12. Harley Quinn first appearance. Also.Poison.Ivy Barbata Gordon Batgirl Harley introduced on TV Batman’ The Animated Series.

1994 Comic Book. Batman Adventures Mad Love Harley Quinn Joker Paul Dini and Bruve Timm

1994 Comic Book Jack Kirby dies. Co Creator of Marvel Comics Captain America, Fantastic Four, Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer, Black Panther, Thor, Sgt Fury and Howling Commandos, Original X men. For Archie Comics The Fly, and Lancelot Strong. Created Boy Commandos, Newsboy Legion, redesigned Sandman, Green Arrow, Challengers of the Unknown, later New Gods, Mister Miracle, Forever People, Darkseod, Etrigan the Demon, Kamandi for DC.

1994 Comic Book Aquaman 2 Arthur loses hand, replaces with harpoon. Long Hair and attitude influenced Justice League and Aquaman movies decades later. Start of Aquaman as Bad Ass, no Longer a Joke Hero who could only last an hour outside water, whose only power was to tslk to fish… Peter David.

1994 Comic Book Kyle Rayner becomes new Green Lantern
Hal Jordan becomes Parallax

1994 Comic Book Starman Jack Knight, son of original Starman, by James Robinson.

1996 Comic Book Kingdom Come Waid Ross

1996 Comic Book Supergirl 75 to 80 Peter David. Linda Danvers Supergirl meets Silver Age Kara el Supergirl

1997 Comic Book JLA Big Seven return.with epic plots. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Long haired Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Wally West Flash, Kyle Rayner Green Lantern. Grant Morrison.


1998 Comic Book.Young Justice Tim Drake Robin, Conner Kent Superboy, Impulse. Later Secret, Cassie Sandmark Wonder Girl, Arrowette by Peter David

1999 Comic Book League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Moore and O’Neil. Allan Quatermain, Mina Murray (Dracula), Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man Hawley Griffin, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. DC Comics later published the First Three Volumes of the series but do not own the characters

1999 Comic Book Hal Jordan becomes Spectre.

2000 Movie X men

2000 Comic Book JLA 43 to 46. Tower of Babel. Batman had plans to disable Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and Plastic Man, based on their weaknesses, should they turn bad. Ra’s al Ghul steals these plans and uses them while distracting Batman with the stealing of the bodies of his parents. Waid.

2000 Comic Book Planetary Warren Ellis John Cassidy The book’s primary concern is unearthing the confluence of influences that led to the idea of The Superhero as our modern culture now knows it. From Doc Savage to James Bond; the Lone Ranger, Green Hornet and The Shadow; Tarzan, noir Private Eyes and Fu Man Chu; 1950’s Sci-Fi B-Movies, Godzilla and Hong Kong action flicks; Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern; early Marvel comics, and more predominately, the work of Jack Kirby; the re-inventive, post-modern 1980’s DC comics work from English writers like Moore, Grant Morrision, Peter Milligan and company; all the way back to 19th century superhero precursors like Sherlock Holmes, Dracula and Frankenstein - Ellis and Cassaday leave no stone unturned when it comes to excavating the heart of the superhuman myth as it existed in the 20th Century and continues to exist to this day.

2001 TV Smallville

2001 TV Justice League Animated

2002 Movie Spider-Man

2002 TV Birds of Prey

2002 Comic Book Vertigo Fables Willingham

2003 TV Teen Titans Animated

2003 Comic Book Graduation Day/Teen Titans/Outsiders Titans and Young Justice disband. Donna Troy dies. Tim Drake, Conner Kent, Impulse, Cassie Sandmark join mentors Cyborg, Starfire and Beast Boy in.Titans. Back from death, Teenage Raven appears later. Nightwing, Roy Harper, Thunder, Grace, Shift, Indigo and Jade join Outsiders.

2003 Comic Book Elseworld story Red Son Rocket carrying Kal el lands in Soviet Union, not Kansas.

2003 Comic Book Trinity First Meeting of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman versus Ra’s al Ghul, Bizarro, Artemis of Bana-Mighdall. Matt Wagner

2004 TV Justice League Unlimited Animated

2004 Comic Book Julius Schwartz died, editor in late 40s of Golden Age Green Lantern and Justice Society of America and Silver Age Flash. Green Lantern, Justice League of America, Atom. Hawkman and later in 1964 Batman and 1971 to 1986 Superman.

2004 Comic Book Hal Jordan returns as Green Lantern

2004 Comic Book DC: The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke. Set in 1950s and Early1960s. Golden Age Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Silver Age origins of Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter, plus early Flash.

2004 Comic Book Identity Crisis by Brad Meltzer. Very controversial. Investigation of violence on beloved character.

2004 - 2013 Comic Book Siegel heirs sue DC, after an inital agreement in 1997. Part of suit was that Superboy was not part of the original 10 year work for hire contract but an independent matter. That is why Superboy was not used by DC in this time period. A judge ruled in 2013 that the 1997 agreement had been done freely and with forethought. That agreement gave the Siegel heirs a $2 million advance, a $1 million non-recoupable signing bonus forgiveness of a previous $250,000 advance, a guarantee of $500,000 per year for 10 years, a 6 percent royalty of gross revenues, and various other royalties

2005 Comic Book All Star Superman by Grant Morrison.

2005 Comic Book Villains United Limited Series by Gail Simone. Later Secret Six series, starring Catman and Deadshot

2005 Movie Batman Begins Nolan

2005 Movie Constantine

2006 TV Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century animated

2006 Comic Book Weekly nini series for 52 weeks, called 52. For a year Batman Superman Wonder Woman are absent. Batwoman introduced.
Other main characters are:
Adam Strange, Animal Man, Black Adam, Booster Gold, Ralph Dibny, Lex Luthor, Will Magnus, Renee Montoya, The Question, Starfire and Steel.
Written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, and Mark Waid, with layouts by Keith Giffen.

2006 Comic Book Sinestro Corp War Geoff Johns Parallax, Cyborg Superman, Superboy-Prime, Anti-Monitor

2006 Comic Book A new Blue Beetle starts as Jamie Rayes, a teenage Hispanic character has an intelligent Scarab involuntarily inserted into his back, which gives him incomplete control of his new super powers.

2006 Comic Book Shadowpact by Bill Willingham Nightmaster, Ragman, Nightshade, Blue Devil, Enchantress and Detective Chimp.

2007 Comic Book Justice Society. The New Age. Green Lantern Alan Scott, Flash Jay Garrick and Wildcat Ted Grant rebuild with New Members Stargirl, Cyclone, Liberty Belle, Hourman Damage Starman and more. Later Kingdom Come Superman appears.

33 2008 Superman The World of New Krypton by Geoff Johns James Robinson and Sterling Gates
The city of Kandor now resides near the Fortress of Solitude in the North Pole, populated by 100,000 Kryptonians. Superman attempts to aid the Kryptonians in their assimilation with the rest of the Earth, something very few Kryptonians seem interested in, including the city’s leaders.

2008 Movie The Dark Knight Joker (Oscar Nomination) Nolan

2008 Movie Iron Man

2008 Movie Magazine Famous Monster of Filmland creator, Forrest J. Ackerman dies.

A typical obit from Paul Dini, who with Bruce Timm, created BTAS and the DCAU:

Before the internet, before Entertainment Weekly and the nightly show biz shows, we fans of the cinema fantastic had no touchstone to that world other than through Forry and FAMOUS MONSTERS. Each month in its pages we would learn of Hollywood’s horror lore, of Karloff, Lugosi and Chaney, Sr., and Jr., and of wonders to come – Star Wars, Superman, Carrie, and hundreds of others. We devoured the articles, we marveled at the photos, we groaned at the puns, we ordered the models and horror masks, and most of all we loved the man who brought it all to us.

Here’s to you, Forry. And thanks, from me and every kid you held in your spooky, but always thrilling Dracula-like trance each month.

Ackerman provided inspiration to many who would later become successful artists, including Joe Dante, Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Stephen King, Penn & Teller, Gene Simmons (of the band Kiss), Rick Baker, George Lucas, Danny Elfman, Guillermo del Toro, John Landis, television producer Kevin Burns and countless other writers, directors, artists, and craftsmen.

Many of them wrote their own obits for him, echoing Deni.

2009 Movie Watchmen

2009 Movie Disney buys Marvel.

2009 Comic Book “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?” featuring Batman. The story is published in two parts in the final issues of the series Batman (#686) and Detective Comics (#853), released in February and April, respectively. Written by Neil Gaiman, pencilled
by Andy Kubert and inked by Scott Williams, the story is purported to be the “last” Batman story in the wake of severe psychological trauma that Batman endures within the story Batman R.I.P and his ultimate fate in Final Crisis.

2009 Comic Book Batgirl is Stephanie Brown by Byran Miller. Set in time when Bruce Wayme is presumed dead, Dick Grayson is Batman, Damien Wayne is Robin and Barbara Gordon is Oracle. The best of all Batgirl Books

2009 Comic Book Power Girl by Amanda Conner

2009 Comic Book Detective Comics 854 to 860 Batwoman Elegy by Rucka and Williams

2009 Comic Book Batmsn and Robin Dick Grayson as Batman and Damien Wayne as Robin, when Batman/Bruce Wayne was presumed dead. Grant Morrison

2009 Comic Book Barry Allen returns as Flash.

2010 TV Young Justice


2011 Comic Book Flashpoint Flash changes history as result of saving mother from death.

2011 Comic Book DC NEW 52 Reboot characters much younger.
Many characters and marriages go into oblivion.
Timeline shortened except for Batman and Green Lantern Batman urban legend in his beginning years.

2011 Comic Book Aquaman and Mera as Bad Asses. Geoff Johns

2011 Movie Green Lantern bombs

2012 Movie Avengers a massive hit. Warner Brothers realizes it is behind, pushes quick route to Justice League movie.

2012 TV CW Green Arrow

2013 Movie Man of Steel start of DCEU

2013 TV Teen Titans Go

2014 TV CW Flash

2014 TV Constantine

2014 TV Gotham Batman presequel

2015 TV CW Supergirl

2015 Comic Book Superman Lois and Clark Introduction of Jon Kent, their son. Dan Jurgens

2015 Comic Book Titans Hunt mini series The Original Tern Titans are reunited Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Garth, Roy Harper, Lilith, Malcom and Karen Duncan, plus Super powered Hawk and Dove. Afterwards 2016 Titans Rebirth including Wally West

2016 Movie Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice introduces Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Brief glimpses of Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. Acknowledging Bill Finger for his work.on.Batman for the first time, Warner Brothers agreed to put on the credits: “Batman was created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger.” Athena Finger, the granddaughter of Bill Finger and her son went with Mike Uslan in his limousine to the premiere.

2016 Movie Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Amanda Waller

2016 Internet YouTube DVD DC Super Hero Girls set in Super Hero High School

2016 Comic Book DC Universe Rebirth 1 Start of Rebirth Era where Legacy Characters like Wally West Flash and pre 2011 Superman returning to DC Universe

2016 Comic Book Wonder Woman Year One Rucka and .Scott

2017 TV Batman actor Adam West dies. Goodbye Old Chum

2017 Comic Book Len Wein, creator of Swamp Thing and Wolverine, dies.

2017 Movie Wonder Woman directed by Patty Jenkins

2017 Movie Batman Lego

2017 Movie Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. a fictional biographical drama portraying William Moulton Marston, his wife Elizabeth, their mutual lover Olive Byrne, all living together and the creation of Wonder Woman. William and Elizabeth Marston’s granddaughter, Christie Marston, criticized the film, saying the idea that Elizabeth and Olive Byrne were lovers was purely fictional.

2017 Movie Disney buys Fox, who had movie rights to X men and Fantastic Four.

2018 Comic Book Steve Ditko died. Co creator of Spider-man, his major villains and Dr Strange. Creator of Captain Atom, Qustion, Creeper, Hawk and Dove, Nightshade and Squirrel Girl

2018 TV CW Black Lightning

2018 Movie Black Panther

2018 Movie Justice League, does not recover costs. Mixture of two directors, may have been released early, after expensive and extended reshoots, so Warner Brothers Executives could get bonuses.

2018 Movie Teen Titans Go

2018 Internet DC Universe Titans

2018 Movie Aquaman

2018 Comic Book Stan Lee dies. Co creator of early Marvel characters: Fantastic Four, Dr. Doom, Hulk, Spider Man, Sgt Fury and the Howling Commandos, Dr. Strange, Thor, Iron Man, Ant Man, Original X men, Daredevil. Revived Namor Captain America.

2019.Internet DC Universe Compete DC Comics Digital Library

2019 Internet DC Universe Titans, Young Justice Season 3, Doom Patrol (unexpected hit) and Swamp Thing (cancelled)

2019 Movie Shazam

2019 TV DC Super Heroes Girls Version 2 Teenage Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Bumblebee, Batgirl, Zatanna, and Jessica Cruz, students of Metropolis High School with Secret Identities.

2019 Internet Krypton, Pennyworth (both presequels to Superman, Batman - Alfred). Titans season 2. Watchmen (HBO).

2019 TV Batwoman first major GLBT hero on TV.

2019 Movie Teen Titans Go vs Teen Titans (2003 TV animation)

2019 Movie Joker Billion Dollars Box Offics Sales

Coming Soon
DC Universe and CW Stargirl
Netflix Sandman
HBO MAX Green Lantern Strange Adventures


Wonder Comics and the New Age of Heroes?

My parents never read comics when they were kids simply because they had other things to do. My dad only ever owned one comic from 1995. No idea how he got it. He did give it to me when I expressed interest in reading comics.

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Like the 80’s. That’s when my parents were teenagers at least.

Small change to Paul Levitz.

He was just starting his career in DC to be involved in Siegel Shuster getting 20000 pension

But later

As executive he helped out older artists in need increased Siegel and Shuster benefits to 100 thousand per year and ensured deceased creators got respectful memorial services.


Change date of Michael Uslan getting rights to Swamp Thing

Added link to show how that got him right to any character appearing in Swamp Thing including Constantine

1980 Movie Michael Uslan, got movie rights to Swamp Thing and John Constantine for free because Warner Brother executive considered characters to be useless in terms of profit. How times (don’t) change.

1982 Movie Swamp Thing Wes Craven Producer Michael Uslan.


Oh Wow! How did I miss this page. Book marking this bad boy. Thanks for all the work y’all have put into this!