Summer Revisit: Seven Soldiers of Victory

The sun is out and I wanna go back to '06 with this megaseries from Grant Morrison and a bevy of art talents ( Doug Mahnke, JH Williams and Simone Bianche come to mind). Golden Age heroes put to the test. Tons of fun.


I always liked the series especially the Shinimg Knight which was re envisined for this series.

The character later appeared in Demon Knights a great New 52 series.

I gave a coda to both series in Fan Creation Postcard from Paradise yesterday. The Postcard was to the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

So i was startled to see this headline show up.


This was the book that turned me into a big Grant Morrison fan. I bought every book as they came out.

The ambition behind Morrison’s Seven Soldiers was fantastic and remains so.


@TurokSonOfStone1950 Serendipity! My enjoyment of this series just floated back into my head this morning.


@Vroom This series and his Batman run around the same time re-hooked me to the Morrison Machine. Comics are a superb platform fir taking risks. A devisive talent who seems tailor made for certain brain types. Hence his work either attracting or repelling. Not a whole lot of in between.

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Horrible book

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DJWolfmanJBreezy Do you dig the work of Grant Morrison or dislike it thoroughly? It typically seems to be a pattern of one or the other.

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And that’s Beezzy, everyone. Apologies!

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@key lime. I think GM is the worst writer in the history of written word. So I certainly do not dog his writing.

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“dig” his writing

OMG finally somebody appreciates these guys as much as I do. So Underrated

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@BawanaBeastguy6667 The run does have its fans out there. For me, it was the first time I had run into an Issue #0.

So I wonder where they all are now. Maybe they joined Obama Superman’s Multiversal league?

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@Don-el So many options, so little time.