Summer of Events Book Club Week 5 Justice League #1 and Man of Steel #2

Summer of Events Week 5

This week, we are reading in the main section Justice League #1 and Man of Steel #2. Unfortunately, King’s entrance into the Wedding Hype had to be moved to Extra Credit because I only want 2 titles in this section. Sorry everyone!!!

The Weekly Schedule

Summer of Events
Predictions (Monday-Tuesday)
Justice League #1 (Wednesday - Friday)
Man of Steel #2 (Saturday - Monday)

Extra Credit
Predictions (Tuesday)
Batman #48 (Wednesday - Friday)
Batman: Prelude to the Wedding Nightwing vs. Hush #1 (Saturday - Sunday)
Green Arrow #41 (Monday)

Justice League #1

  1. What is the only thing that can kill Vandal Savage?
  2. What is Martian Manhunter’s biggest struggle.

Man of Steel #2

  1. What villain would build a giant toy-like evil robot?
  2. What was that giant flash of light at the end of #1

Justice League #1

  1. What did you think of THAT object being destroyed?
  2. The fact that Batman had THOSE THERE?
  3. How is J’onn doing at a start as chairman?
  4. The last three pages tease the future of the series, what do you think those moments were about?
  5. What do you think of the tone of the series?

Man of Steel #2

  1. Did the lack of reveals on the flash story frustrate you?
  2. Once again how do you do crime in metropolis?
  3. What do you think happened to Lois Lane?
  4. What do you think of THAT problem daily planet is going through?

Thanks everyone and make sure to check out extra credit to look at more awesome series!!


Yeeee haaaa!

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I’m going to assume the only thing that can kill Vandal Savage is related to the meteorite that turned him into Vandal Savage in the dim past.

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Discussion for Justice League #1 is up!

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I gotta read JL today!!!

Justice League #1: I’m thinking I read this once before in the past year. The artist is one of my favorites. Snyder as a writer has been a mix for me, mostly engaging stuff.

In a wild mix like this of incomprehensible energies etc it’s hard to take sides between “let the light hit the Earth” or 'stop the light" or “JL” or “Team Luthor.”

Some fun giant concepts; for some reason the Lord of the Rings comes to mind with all the intimations of Ultimate Good, Ultimate Evil. Yet there is the other undergirding mundane “origin of the Universe” stuff that to me is shallow.

I am looking forward to character growth in the face of these seemingly insurmountable adversaries, and I’ll take the attempts of the writer at cosmology and universe beginnings with a large grain of salt- to me that part of the story comes off as something I’d get for free in a Crackerjack box…

@don-el you likely did. It’s just that big of a series. The odds really are crazy ALREADY. We haven’t even gotten to the first real insurmountable odds event.

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Man of Steel is where you start to feel the slow burn. The jon plot comes to a screeching halt as the story focuses more on the daily planet and Rogal Zar.

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I’ll be turning in the assignment…today…I know, I know, I get a lower grade to start now, sigh…so many comics, so little time, lol. DCU, what have you done, what have you done???

Man of Steel #2 (day later, but not a dollar short!!)

One thing I noticed as I read the comic- I truly enjoy just reading about Superman carrying about common folks problems and then stopping in the middle of whatever the “main job” is to just spend 15 minutes saving people in a fire. It really is inspiring and kind of points it’s boney plot finger right at me to think about my own busy life when I’m at work. I work with people, they do work for me. They also easily indicate the various life issues they face. The easiest thing in the world is to ignore the signals, say nothing, and keep focusing on the same old same old job. Hmmmm… what would Clark Kent do??

On to the questions: I kind of don’t understand the first one about lack of reveals on a Flash story in Man of Steel- somehow I missed that? Maybe that’s what Green Lantern started with, somehow I didn’t catch that nuance.

How do you do crime in Metropolis? In a way, it’s the question criminals have to keep asking themselves now as cities more and more have constant monitoring set up, IoT everywhere recording, analyzing and even predicting, not to mention IoT and monitoring at home. Metropolis has Superman, we have the intrusive web with it’s millions of eyes and ears… so maybe you do crime by internet only in Metropolis, how does Superman stop that? Many of us these days aren’t accosted on the street; instead we have ouridentities and credit stolen and tapped out, lives in ruins. We’d actually be better off if someone did mug us and take our wallet…

Where is Lois Lane? I seem to recall she is following a story in deep cover, and even Superman doesn’t know where she is yet.

The problem the Daily Planet is facing is ironically related to the one that has been rocking this website the past two or three weeks. DC / Warner has been purchased by AT&T and DCU is doing it’s best to prove that it’s worth keeping around! Beyond that, the paper media of newsprint is in the same crisis of survival in a non-reading world that magazines and comic books are facing. Anyone want to bet that there will still be any printed media beyond books in 6 years?