Summer of Events Book Club Week 4: Extra Credit!! Robin vs. Ra's Al Ghul #1 and Green Arrow Annual #2

Summer of Events Book Club Week 4: Extra Credit!!

Hey Everyone make sure to read my update on the club here:

If you don’t feel like reading the update, I’ve started another chat for Summer of Events Extra Credit which will cover the Tie-ins and smaller series. I’m trying to keep the main book club at 2 titles a week. Extra Credit could be upwards of 6 issues a week.

Reading Schedule
Sunday - Monday = Predictions
Tuesday - Thursday = Justice League: No Justice #4 //end of series
Friday - Monday = Man of Steel #1

Extra Credit Reading Schedule
Sunday - Monday = Predictions
Tuesday - Thursday = Batman Prelude to the Wedding: Robin vs. Ra’s Al Ghul #1
Friday - Monday = Green Arrow Annual #2 ← Both a before AND after of Justice League: No Justice

Batman Prelude to the Wedding: Robin vs. Ra’s Al Ghul #1

  1. Why might Damian not want Batman and Catwoman to get married?
  2. What might the son of Batman and Selina Kyle call himself?

Green Arrow Annual #2 (JL:NJ Tie in)

  1. Which superhero is most likely other than Green Arrow to NOT be captured by Waller
  2. Finish the line with “No Power comes” …

Discussion Questions

Batman Prelude to the Wedding: Robin vs. Ra’s Al Ghul #1

  1. Can Catwoman be a mother?
  2. Which of the two fights was more interesting. Ra’s and Damian or the other one.
  3. Does the epilogue excite you?
  4. Rate this oneshot out of 10

Green Arrow Annual #2

  1. Did the split narrative work?
  2. Should you have read this or Justice League: No Justice #4 first?
  3. Did the issue add anything to your experience of the event?
  4. Rate this issue out of 10

Let’s talk about the prelude

Actual discussion Qs and not predictions? I don’t want to post my thoughts to early.


Yes! Actual. Sorry I’m trying to figure out formatting. Please refrain from Green Arrow Annual #1 until Friday though!


1.)It would be tough for her, but she could pull it off. Her conversation with Damien proves that she has it in her, and, well, it’s Damien so it’s not exactly like she was on easy mode.

2.)I feel like they sort of flow into one battle. Ra’s al Ghul isn’t really there in the story as an opponent for Damien, only an explanation for Damien’s other battle.

3.)I know where this is going, so I’ll stay silent for now.

4.)8/10. Not phenomenal, but I loved it. It’s a solid story and the dialogue is great at conveying the very real emotions Damian would be feeling in light of the coming wedding. Definitely my favorite of the five preludes, but that might change as we discuss the later ones…

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@awesomeSquid thanks for staying quiet!! I LOVE this issue for it’s heart! The crimson Lion whatever his name is, is a fun character I hope happens. Is it just me or does Catwoman’s son LOOK like the child of the two. That’s some great design!

@Nathan.Payson Everything about this issue was great. I forgot to mention the design of the characters, but I also thought they were really good.

It’s aion. I don’t know how to feel about that name…

@Nathan.Payson It’s beautiful. It perfectly captures the… um… I… um…

Yeah that sucks


Apparently six boys a year have that name… interesting

@Nathan.Payson In the entire world?

6 in the US.

1 in Canada.

@Nathan.Payson That poor Canadian boy


Lat day to discuss this issue. If you want to discuss this issue after today please be aware you will get Green Arrow Spoiled

Discussion is now open for Green Arrow Annual #2

Reminder, the discussion for this series is live and ends Monday.