Summer Games Fest 2022: Catch up on all the Gotham Knights Hype!

The summer fun is in full swing, and DC Comics is all about it! With Summer Game Fest in full swing, it’s time to grab your controllers and get excited for some exciting DC gaming news! Keep an eye on this thread, as we’ll be updating it throughout the day with the latest DC Comics goodness.

With Gotham Knights just around the corner, Summer Game Fest 2022 brings us an exclusive look at the game with a special look at Nightwing in this brand new character trailer!

What do you think about this awesome new look into Gotham Knights? Give the trailer a watch and let us know in the thread!


Looks awesome™:+1:. Very exited for this game.


Looks cool – and it seems like we’ll get similar videos for the other three.

It seems like this trailer disappointed a lot of people since they thought it was going to show more, but I usually go to these shows with no expectations, so… :person_shrugging:

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Damn!!! This looks epic!!!

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