Suicide Squad: King Shark Digital First Comic by Tim Seeley and Scott Kolins

Just finished this series - thanks, DC, for letting us have advance reading of it! (I’m also collecting the individual issues, too). I’m not the biggest fan of the art, but the story is classic Tim Seeley wacky fantasy/scifi romance/superhero hybrids. Really enjoy the way he put everything together, and basically makes it a sequel to his Nightwing run, since Shawn Tsang, the Defacer, is his secondary protagonist with Nanaue.

Anyone else reading this book? Feels like with the other spinoff from the Suicide Squad film hitting streaming right now, people might really get a kick out of this - it’s really cut from a very similar cloth!

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Haven’t read it yet. I keep putting it off.

I will have to make an effort to get around. I really liked Shawn in Nightwing.

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I am a fan of Kolins so he gives me interest

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It’s complete now, so you can read it in one sitting! :slight_smile:

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Final issue of the series is dropping in physical form this week - and it has a variant cover by series writer who is also an artist, Tim Seeley!

I’m very excited to complete my collection - and with Peacemaker out, and King Share a featured character in DC Legends mobile game, seems like a good time to highlight it!

Anyone check out the complete series? I thought it was a really good tonal companion to the movie.