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I have successfully killed the justice league.


I’m tired of hearing people hate on this game. It’s so much fun and engaging. I love flying around the city as the squad and running rampant fighting aliens. The traversal makes the combat so much more fun than other games and the boss missions are fun.

Yet people are trying to kill it before it’s even really come out. Take it from a guy who loves video games and love DC. This game makes you miss Kevin Conroy, who voices most of the lines in the game. It makes you laugh because the Squad is funny. I play games during most of my free time and I love this game. The combat is interesting. The boss fights (especially GL) are fun but admittedly quick. I’m not an Elden ring tryhard. I’m a gamer who likes shooters and superhero games.

Don’t let people ruin this for you. Try it for yourself.


I haven’t played it yet, but I have watched many hours of it. People just like to complain about everything, games are not made for everyone, some games you just will not like and that is okay. But this game just looks fun to me


I’m glad your not letting anyone ruin your good time.
I don’t pay much attention to what reviewers say as most times I find it does not fit me.


Currently selling very bad on steam. Hopefully that changes.


While I don’t like most aspects of this game I loved Wonder Womans design.
It’s probably my favorite design of her in general now.


So I have a question for the peeps that have played the game.

How do we feel about the way the characters are written? For awhile a lot of what I’ve heard about is people’s grievances about the game in terms of the actual game mechanics and stuff about the live service and battle pass aspects. But today in particular I’ve been hearing about how the characters are written.

I think a lot of people saw the title and thought, “yeah… they’ll kill the Justice League… sure”, but apparently a lot of people are unhappy with how the League is treated and how events play out in the game. I know a lot of people are upset about Batman in particular.

But what are your thoughts personally? There are no right or wrong answers here, I’m just curious because the Justice League characters are so well beloved by everyone here, and I’m curious on how the story impacts you.

Please feel free to share.


I just think it’s evil Batman. We’ve seen it before. I think once you detach this game from the Arkham games. Which they deliberately made hard, you can really enjoy it. I love the squad the most because they are all wonderfully done. Lois who is also in the game is awesome. Batman is 100% a brainiac brainwashed bad guy. I think they wrote him pretty well. It’s just that the suicide squad doesn’t take him seriously because they’re all crazy and don’t take much of anything seriously.


I’m having a really hard time grasping that it’s connected to Arkham. It’s hard to imagine (at least to me anyway) that this is the same universe where Batman used to crawl through air vents that were somehow always perfectly sized for his body :rofl:, as well as the same one who delt with Arkham City and the Arkham Knight and collected trophies and had a Batmobile tank, because you go from telling a massive tale about an extravagant hero and his good deeds and then the next installment is a group that has never been expanded on and they’re fighting against another group that has never been expanded on, but each group contains one character that showed up, and then the opposing side has the hero we spent years playing as.

Truth be told, I don’t know how to feel about it myself, hence why I’m trying to pick the brians of those that do. So thank you for your input, and it’s fun to see you back :grin:


Just read the 1st issue of the prequel comic. I don’t think John Layman has actually played the Arkham games because Zsasz certainly didn’t talk like this in Asylum or City


SSKJL prequel comic out now. Come with code for Zsasz gun trinket

As well as a trailer


My embarrassing opinion?

Why did they make Brainiac…kinda hot…


I mean it is Jason Isaacs.


Oh la la! :eyes: He belongs in the DC crushes thread alright.


oh that makes SO much sense


Beat the story and it was great. A lot of fun. The battles with the league were great. Enjoyed how lively it all was. The paints style is great.

The Arkham museum recap was fun. And getting hunted like a goon was great. The Wayne bank haveing Akrhamnvubes was great too.

The Sqaud was great. All very fun with their own stories to overcome. I a h had a foe. Great designs. Flag was a nice surprise. Waller was Waller. The support was was cool. Felt bad for the kids but hey they’re villains :sweat_smile:.

The league was great. Cool designs interesting back story. Flash was fun at the start. John was cool. Supes was nice. Wonder Woman was awesome™:+1:. Cool design. Great story. Sad death. Bat was great. Hearing an evil Conroy throughout was fun. Sad he got to Tim and the family though. But hey he was evil here.

Brainiac was cool. Cool design. Interesting fight. Thought the 13 was going to be the last mission but seems like that there plan is 13 seasons or they’re hope to get to that.

Riddler returning was a surprise. Just can‘t stop with the trophies and riddles​:sweat_smile:.

Overall was a fun game. Really enjoyed the gameplay and story. Exited for more of what’s to come.


I think it was written pretty well. The league themselves felt great. They were cautious. Caring and friends throughout. But under corruption of Brainiac and remade in his image they lost that not only making them just bad JL but brainiac JL. They had his ego which was their weakness throughout. Brainiac thinks no matter what he’ll always win because he’s the smartest and best and that was given to the league when corrupted so it makes sense that would lead to their defeat and different personalities. Just what I think though.

As for the squad there were great. Waller her heartless self focused self. The team having fun growing as freakin d and dealing with there issues. All was great to me.


Also liked how they teased the upcoming characters at the end.

My guessing on the remaining 3 I’d say 2 is freeze but I think it’s Nora instead of Victor. 3 is probably Deadshots daughter as Lawless and 4 either Deathstroke or Ravenger. Hard to tell.