Suicide Squad: Get Joker! #3 (5/10/22) Spoilers Ahead

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The startling conclusion of this Black Label epic rockets to its surprising, yet inevitable, confrontation between The Joker and the Suicide Squad. With Red Hood wondering who he can trust as he’s forced to team up with Harley Quinn and other rogues against the Clown Prince of Crime, one last betrayal changes everything before the final page.

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I have mixed feelings. I enjoyed it for the most part but the ending felt like a cop out. Spend three issues building up a seemingly awful dilemma and then… not really resolve it. That feels like a cheat - part of the reason the buildup works is that the reader is wondering how the writer will resolve it.


Personally, I liked the ending as it leaves it open to interpretation, but given the popularity of the joker, (and the fact that that may be killing him off for a while in main-cannon) I think it was deliberate.
My interpretation is Jason killed the joker.


Hate it. Brian Azzarello pulled the same ending with Birds of Prey and I understand he doesn’t want to kill joker, but why do the same ambiguous ending again.

Suicide Squad: Get Joker #3 is weirdly paced like I barely understood what was going on and why these elite killers having such a tough time killing Jokers goons.

This alongside Suicide squad Blaze are easily the most underwhelming books I read all year that featured the team.


That’s right, I completely forgot about that! This makes the ending even worse in that it wasn’t even original by his own standards


Sometimes ambiguous endings work, but other times they feel lazy, like with this one.