Suicide Squad Cast

James Gunn has announced his official cast list for the movie



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Got ya.

You fell for my fake James Gunn account on Twitter, I knew you would xP

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This looks absolutely insane. Not only am I so glad to see Margot Robbie, Viola Davis and Jai Courtney back, but the rest of the cast looks great too. I mean, Taika Waititi in a DC movie? Sign me up


The best parts of Suicide Squad 1 are back! And so is Joel Kinnaman! (I kid, I really like him in other stuff by Rick Flagg was not great.)

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So no more Will Smith? Looks like I’ll spend money to see it in theater this time :slight_smile:

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I just wanna know who Nathan and John are playing

Idris Elba’s been acting up a storm for a while now. Does he owe someone money or something, or does he just have a heck of a work ethic?

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So psyched to see they got Cena. He will most likely be playing Peacemaker, and it’s perfect for him.

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Was hoping Bautista would be involved somehow. I could see him as a good Peacemaker. Still, great to know that Michael Rooker somehow survived Brightburn’s rampage.

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Honestly, surprised Batista’s not in this movie, considering he was publicly and loudly in Gunn’s corner after Disney fired him.

Sorry to see Katana wasn’t included.

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Just wish they’d fire Gunn


Taika Waititi!!! Pete Davidson. Nathan Fillion!!! Joel Kinnaman. Peter Capaldi!!! John Cena. Viola Davis!!! Margot Robbie.


@DGWJTWTDW, any particular reason why?

Personal reasons rather than artistic ones. I think he could be a match for the material.

Gunn, at some point: I totally understand that making fun of particularly vulnerable victims of sexual abuse isn’t nice. I realize that what I did was wrong (something like that). I am grown up now and would not do something so poorly thought through again. I am reformed.

Also Gunn, in the process of making GOTG2, a film that will inevitably be seen by thousands of children regardless of rating due to the talking raccoon and Groot: So we’re going to have this character named Mantis . . .

Other person: Ok. What is her deal?

Gunn: She’s going to be able to touch people and know their emotions.

OP: Oh. So that will play into the plot a lot.

Gunn: No, she’s only going to use it once, for the LOLs.

OP: Ok,so what else can she do?

Gunn She can touch people and make them instantly fall asleep.

OP: Ok, that’s a very specific set of powers . . .

Gunn: OP

OP: Yes?

Gunn: We’re both adults right? What involves touching, emotions in some way, and notoriously puts people to sleep?

OP: I dunno.

Gunn: Sex, you dummy.

OP: Oh I see! To get it past the MPAA. So she’s like Kurt Russell’s lover or something?

Gunn: Yeah, sorta. She’s going to give the GOTG all these desperate little looks and always be like “there’s something I have to tell you! It’s about him! He can’t know!”

OP: Sounds like she’s there against her will. So, like a sex slave! Ok, Kurt Russell is evil in this, it checks out. So I bet our heroes rescue her in the end?

Gunn: No, they’re going to ignore all of her clues as to how evil Kurt Russell is because they’re going to be making all these jokes about how ugly she is!

OP: So instead of listening to the obvious victim of evil, our heroes are going to make fun of the appearance and sex appeal of a metaphorical sex slave?

Gunn: It’ll be hilarious! We might even end the movie on it.


GOTG2 released


I don’t even get excited at seeing Margot Robbie’s name anymore after what I’ve seen she’s doing to my/our BoP.

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