Suicide Squad: Amander Waller

Been rereading The Suicide Squad comics. From the Ostrander series to New 52 to Rebirth. And it seems that Amanda Waller struggles with her weight :grimacing:, not trying to be ugly. Cause I love The Wall!! But…

Which Waller is scarier? Big Wall or Small Wall?

Larger Amanda Waller evokes the same authority as Marvel’s Kingpin. I’ll go with that one.

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I prefer the larger Amanda Waller, because it’s tiresome to have every woman in comics be depicted in the same knockout 10/10 body shape. Waller cuts a distinctive silhouette, and that’s part of her character. Not every comic book character needs to look like an Olympic athlete supermodel sex symbol to kick ass.


I agree!!

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It is simple. The fatter she is the better a character she is.



I am in agreement with everyone here. Her skinny look is like nails on a chalkboard. Whenever I see her like that, it absolutely pushes me out of engagement with whatever story she is in.