Suicide Squad 2

So James Gunn is gonna direct Suicide Squad 2. Us DC fans have been begging for Mos2 and WarnerChoppers is gonna give us SS2? A movie that almost everybody don’t give a damn about and my Clark can’t get a sequel? WarnerBrothers don’t deserve success. Nothing would make me happier than SS2 flopping at the box office.

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The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part brought to you by the Warner Brothers.

First off I agree MoS 2 should be a higher priority but SS1 was well received by the box office. I am eager to see SS2 written by a proven talent.

If I had to choose, I prefer getting SS2 instead of MoS2, but then, I didn’t really like MoS. I’m not a huge SS fan, but I guess I liked it better than MoS.

We’re getting a new Batman after SS2. I wonder if that means we’ll get a new Supes, too.

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From what I’ve heard it’s not even going to be a direct sequel. It’s going to be a relaunch with a mostly new cast, which lends further credence that WB is in fact getting rid of the DCEU as we’ve known it going forward and it’s going to follow the examples that Wonder Woman and Aquaman set as the standard for their future films.

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As a fan who’s proud to say I loved the first Suicide Squad, I don’t like James Gunn’s involvement at all.

It’s obvious why they got him on board: because they want to turn it into a wannabe Guardians of the Galaxy…

…just like they got Joss Whedon to turn Justice League into a wannabe Avengers.

…just like they’ve supposedly gotten some Spider-Man Homecoming writers for The Flash, obviously to turn the Flash into a wannabe Disney Spider-Man.

Looks like WB is making it clear they’re not catering to people who liked their movies. They’re catering to the people who didn’t like their movies and preferred another company. Does that not feel wrong to you?


I am excited for The Suicide Squad. Gunn is a fantastic writer and I hope he also directs. Check out some of his past work like Super and Slither. I hope we get a MoS2 at some point, Supes has so many stories and villains that deserve the cinematic treatment.


I totally thought that He’ll to Pay was SS2


I enjoyed SS1 and was not thrilled with MoS, but the pitch given to WB by Carvill and his MI director for a MoS2 sounds really good. I want them both.

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The success of Suicide Squad 2 depends on how people react to Birds of Prey. If Birds of Prey bombs, WB may not want to continue with Robbie’s movies anymore. I haven’t got any problems with Gunn. But he needs to realize that there is a difference between weirdos in space and psychos in Gotham.

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I’ve never seen Guardians of the Galaxy, but if it’s as silly & campy as I suspect, then I really don’t care for that tone for SS2. Getting rid of the whole cast seems a bad idea - I thought Viola Davis was good as Waller, and really liked Croc & Capt. Boomerang as well.