Really enjoy the titans show looking for suggestions on where to start reading or which storyline to start with.

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I would recommend starting with the final issue of the original Teen Titans series, counterintuitive as that may seem:

Then read the first six issues of New Teen Titans:

Follow it with the Tales miniseries:

And then jump back into the main series for issues 20-28. Skipping ahead after that, we can hit a major turning point:

Now, those comics are all from the Bronze Age (70s-early 80s), so they may feel a little outdated. If you have enjoyed Conner on the show, then you can see him as a Titan in this 2003 story arc:

But if you want the modern stuff, here are the two series that began in 2016:

Awesome! Thanks

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This is my reading order for the Titans:
.Teen Titans Year One
.Tales of The New Teen Titans(1982)
.The New Teen Titans(1980-1984)
.The New Titans(1984-1996)
.Titans (1999-2003)
.Young Justice(1998-2003)
.Young Justice/Titans Graduation Day
I highly recommend this run and this is my favorite comic runs
.Teen Titans(2003-2011)
Infinte Crisis
Flash The Fastest Man Alive(2006-2007)#10-13
Final Crisis
Blackest Night
Brightest Day
The new 52:
Teen Titans(2011-2014)
Teen Titans(2014-2016)
Titans Hunt
Dc Rebirth(2016)
Teen Titans(2016-)