Suggestions for the comics section

Is anyone else like me and wants to read everything in the comics section chronologically? Maybe it’s just me but when I do it this way I can imagine what a kid in 1938 was thinking when he saw that first cover of action comics #1, so if it’s possible it would be great if the app could be updated to include filters so I could just hit a button and not have to do so much leg work for my weird OCD lol. I know not everything is on here now but for what is it would be great to have that option. Anyone else have any thoughts on this matter. Even a filter by year would be great so I could go year by year.


As a completionist or obsessive reader I find the current catalog very disorganized. Post crisis Superman arcs crossed over 4-5 titles at a time. Post crisis Superman isn’t well represented here but some of the Death, Funeral, and Reign of the Supermen are on here and unless you know which came after which you’ll read the sequence out of order. Then some of the Man of Steel books aren’t there, so you can’t get the whole story anyway. Very poorly curated, if curation is what they were trying to go for.

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I would for them to bring over all of the injustice series. So love that series.

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How about the Tim Drake robin comic, or the original young Justice comic’s!!!

Batman eternal. Savage Hawkman!

JLA: classified