Why did you guys take down Subzero

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Becaus Scorpion told them to, of course!




They’ve taken down a ton of content. Apparently they think we’re just going to keep paying for something with a half-assed selection library when they literally were already missing countless films to begin with. They’ve removed JL: Doom as well… And not to mention JL vs Teen Titans; that one’s actually part of the main DCAMU. It’s getting ridiculous. I’ve posted about the same thing and so have countless other people. You’re not alone in noticing so at least we have that.

I made the mistake of selling off a majority of my dvds under the assumption of all the DC movies were going to on here forever. I’m rather new to streaming services and was not familiar with all of the licensing maneuvers. Blame is on me for not educating myself prior to unloading the goodies. “Get over here!” -Scorpion


LOL! @SuperBatDanLantern and Vroom!!


It’s weird that it was only up for a few weeks…

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Yeah. I’ve just now noticed that Subzero is not on here anymore (haven’t been on for awhile.) I wish if a streaming service was gonna take down a content or not adding something that hasn’t been on, they’d state why or gauge subscribers’ interest by creating a thread asking them what they’d like to see. I think DC Universe has a Suggestions topic or thread on here somewhere that may make that possible.

It sucks that Subzero was removed. But I have not yet seen any live action Batman films or films w/him in it (yes some of them were definitely bad) on here either. Batman Day would’ve been the perfect time to add any or all missing Batman content and doing so would’ve been such a great way of celebrating Batman Day. Missed opportunity there if you ask me.