Subscription expires

When my subscription expires, could I come back and re subscribe whenever I want to?

I don’t see why not.

Not 100% sure but I’m 99.999% sure XD that .1 % is for unforeseen circumstances XD muahahaha

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Yes, yes you can. Just so long as you bring back a shrubbery from beyond the Source Wall and a signed note from Darkseid that says “I’m sorry for everything. Ever.”

Hopefully you’ll re-up. To paraphrase Frank Costanza, “DCU is the place to be!”



I don’t work for DC but have never known a streaming service to not let you resub, don’t know about the same username but most others services seem to let you. Can only assume you won’t get the free week trial again… I know I sub and unsub to HBO’s service whenever game of thrones is on, then unsub after I watch them, and it didn’t let me keep doing the free trial, but I wouldn’t expect it to.