Subscription boxes?

What are people’s thoughts on subscription boxes? I’ve bought a few myself, and they’ve been both really good and really bad.

If DC decided to start rolling out subscription boxes as well as the streaming service, would you get one? What sorts of items would you like to see?

I for one would love it if they did boxes tailored to DC characters and themes. They could put in comic reprints, apparel, a little stationary, etc.

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Unfortunately, I don’t collect the merch, so I wouldn’t subscribe. I am sure there is an audience, though.


I got a couple of the Funko Legion of Collectors boxes when they were still doing that. The Batman Villains box was a little underwhelming, but I absolutely loved the BTAS one. I never thought it was worth it to stay continually subscribed, but it all depends on the specific product(s) being offered. I wouldn’t be inherently opposed to seeing another one


They’re a good idea in theory, but I’m not fond of spending money on a box of stuff that may have only one or two items I’d actually want.

To me, the best part of the Legion of Collectors boxes were the exclusive figures by Funko. Those were easy enough to acquire on the secondary market though, and typically cheaper than subscribing to the program itself would have been, so I never felt a need to get those particular boxes, or subscribe to the program itself.


I had done the Legion of Collectors boxes, and to be perfectly honest, they were pretty underwhelming. I didn’t really care much for Pop figures or Funko, but that’s pretty much all they would have. Select few Pop figures, a comic book with a Pop figure cover, and a T-shirt, most likely sporting a Pop figure character in an iconic pose. There simply wasn’t enough variety for me there.

I am currently subscribed to World’s Finest Collection Subscription and am much more excited to see what they have. A small, collectible figure with decent quality, a cool shirt/jacket/apparel, and random home/living collectibles. I had gotten the Retro JL box which had a Action Comics #1 Towel, Wonder Woman bandana, Batman Tote bag, and art print. The Batman one had Batarang magnets, a 3-D shirt, several cover art post cards, and other random stuff. This makes it so much cooler because I never know what I’m gonna get.

If DC makes their own official box, it’s gotta have stuff like that. Things that, as a fan, I would like to use around the house or display, as well as being stuff that isn’t so easy to obtain or sticks to a certain brand.


I bought the Marvel collector corps Venom box only because it was sold individually, and I knew what it contained since it had already been out a few months. The box was on sale so it was cheaper than buying the Funko Pop that was sold separately. I liked the Pop and the T-Shirt but the sticker, squishy, and mini Riot seemed like dollar store quality items.

I’m generally not a fan of mystery boxes especially subscription ones because I don’t like wasting money on items I don’t want, and it seems like the items are often cheap trinkets worth less than the price of the subscription.

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I might subscribe to a box of comics, but not a mystery box, and not a box of merch. Just a “pick 5 or 10 titles” type of thing.

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