"Stu's handmade shoes"

I just rewatched titans again and wondered who stuart was. Is he from the comics or canon at all?


Stuart “Stu” Mosley aka Heckler. However, I think it’s just for the show. Instead of Lucius Fox, they just used that place as where that universe’s Batman & Robin/Nightwing got their suits made. The code word being shoes. I need a new pair of shoes just means he needs a new suit. I’d assume it’s just a front, that a billionaire like Bruce could afford. Where he can go & get suits made but nobody else expects anything. Like The Mechanic in BTAS. Have a regular shop up top & a secret room for work on the Batmobile downstairs.


Thank you sir!

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U bet. I actually forgot about that until u said it so I wanted to research it too. When I saw picture lightbulb went off. I was like that’s right I totally forgot about that.

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