stuck in the past

Just curious if anyone else has ever wanted to get current or somewhat current to be apart of the discussion, and be able to watch DC Daily with our spoilers. However, found themselves unable to move away from the Bronze Age or silver age stuff they have on their want to read list. When ever I start modern comics I get massive FOMO on past story arcs and always go back to where I was reading in past issues. (even if I’m not enjoying it).

I’m going to make a dedicated effort to start reading some of the high notes pre New-52 and rebirth before hopping into Rebirth and just curious if anyone has some advice or just reassurance that I’ll be fine not reading the old stuff first.

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New 52 (2011) was meant to be a new start, while Rebirth (2016) was to put back the legacy and heroes that were eliminated with 52.

You can start with either.

Per Rebirth, start with rebirth 1

Then For Superman, start with Superman Lois and Clark, then Suerman.

For Wonder Woman, do Year One, the first 6 even issues that is 2.4,6,8, 10,12.

Start Aquaman in either 2011 or 2016.

Green Lanterns is very good.

Justice League is good in 2011, 2016 not good.

Green Lantern and Flash were better in the past.

Titans 2016 starts off great.

Detective 2016 is great with Tynion.

Many prefer Batman 2011 to current run by Tom King.


Well IDK about having to read so you arent lost since the Rebirth is kind of meant as a starting point for new readers. But I can definitely recommend some of my favorites from the New 52 that I think any DC fan should read.

Scott Snyders Batman(2011) The Court of Owls and Death of the Family were instant favorite Batman stories of mine the moment I read them. I havent been the craziest fan of Dark Knights Metal, but Snyder is one of the best Batman writers ever in my honest opinion.

Geoff Johns Aquaman(2011). Basically reinvented the character, the movie took ton of influence from this run and the Throne of Atlantis in particular.

Swamp Thing(2011) by Snyder and then Soule. Really one of the best Swamp Thing runs in recent memory, really brings the horror and grittyness back to the bayou.

Action Comics(2011) by Grant Morrison. Really fun and tells the story of an earlier Superman who isnt quite the pro yet.

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I think the key to reading comics is to just enjoy it, don’t think about it too hard. I started reading again in December. A new comic store opened up a block from house and just went in and picked up the most current issues of Characters I liked. Sure I was lost at first but after awhile when you become entrenched in the story I doesn’t matter that something I’m reading is referencing something from 10 years ago I have no idea about. Also Wikipedia can be your best friend if you use it right lol
Every story, no matter if it’s comics, movies or video games, should be able to stand on it’s own legs and if it can’t do that without foreknowledge of X amount of history or lore then it’s a bad story (or it’s a really confusing overly serialized modern Tv show lol I’m looking at you Game of Thrones)

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