streaming or casting video?

So originally we were promised this would be available on fire stick and that was going to be my go to. I was then advised by customer service that the PS store would have it available! I’m currently watching it on a 6.5 inch phone or a 12 inch Google chrome laptop… Why suggestions on getting it to cast or any other services that the DCU app can be downloaded on? I was one of the first to sign up for the service, I may be one if the first too leave, and have a petition with 120 other prior planning on leaving with me. This needs fixed!

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Obviously thanks to my phone there are some auto correct issues, but I think you get the jist… I just want to watch it on my 4K 60 inch TV, am I wrong for that? Other than that I appreciate the effort outta this site!

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There is an app on fire stick. I’ve also had success with Chromecast. Hope this helps


It is on Firestick I literally went to my friends house and watched some DC Universe last week. I got Roku 29.99 when it lauched.


They may have just recently added it because I’ve been checking nearly every weekend. I’ll try that, is the app still DC Universe or under singing else on the firestick also I have a gen 1 not a Roku do that may make a difference

I’m an idiot I was behind in an update, I did the update while I was doing my last response because it wasn’t showing up. My fs update finished and it immediately showed up on hit new releases! Thanks you guys. I guess it’s time my petition comes down and I can let my other old fart friends know! We’re a bit slow lol

it has been there since December.

Thats good enjoy.

Maybe your other 120 can help you fix this.

I would recommend a Roku. it would mean paying for a Roku device, but the cheapest ones are around 30 bucks, and while I have the expensive one many of my friends have that and it works great for them. And you can get SO MUCH more on Roku then any other streaming device, I bought mine years ago and it is the best 100 bucks I ever spend. For 30 bucks (ish) I don’t think you will be disappointed.