Strange Adventures Discussion and Possible Spoilers

I have been following along with Strange Adventures, the new series by Tom King, Evan Shaner, and Mitch Gerads, and something has really not been sitting right with me. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was going on. So I sat down pouring over the series through the first 9 issues.

Rann has always been this planet that Adam Strange has been a hero on for as long as he has been there. The Pykkts are this blood thirsty race of aliens that destroys all planets that they come in contact with. They show no remorse (as it has been stated multiple times in the series). Rann has amazing technology, but they aren’t what I would consider a society of people who practice the art of war. We have been told that Adam Strange’s daughter has been killed by the Pykkts during the conflict. If the Pykkts were defeated by the people of Rann, they would have had to completely destroyed their fleet and armies since they don’t seem like the type of people who would just retreat from a conflict.

They capture Adam Strange, the hero of the people of Rann, and then let him go? I know it is a comic book and that they don’t want the hero of the story to be killed, but if I was an invading group of people concerned only with conquering, why would I not just kill him and crush any hope of resistance? So why let him go?

This thought has been stuck in my head for quite some time. It just has bothered me. Also, why invade Earth after? How can the Pykkt even have a massive army to take over the Earth? We have superheroes that routinely take down massive threats on a regular basis. Granted, I know this is comics and part of the story. It would make for a quick end of the story so I am trying to wrap my head around the idea behind the story. Tom King was in the CIA and a soldier. What is the premise for what the story will be?

I know that Adam’s wife is constantly defending him to the people of Earth and its heroes. They lost a child to this conflict and now the Pykkt have come to Earth to conquer. Adam Strange has never been seen as a huge hero on Earth, but on Rann, he is seen as the savior of the planet. What if he is jealous of how the people of Earth don’t see him for what he is? It all started to piece together in my head…

What if he is a traitor? What if he is giving up Earth to save Rann? Maybe that is why is was released by the Pykkt because he promised them Earth. His entire life is on Rann. If he knew that they couldn’t defeat the Pykkt, what could he do to save that life on Rann? Mister Terrific has not believed that the Strange’s daughter is dead. Maybe Adam gave the Pykkt his daughter on the promise that they can have Earth? I don’t know. Maybe this could be completely wrong and it is just the ramblings of a man consumed with the story…

I am looking forward to how the series in wrapped up. We have three issues remaining so hopefully it can be explained.