Stranded But Not Alone… Part 2 😈


You may not always love cold climates, but when you heard about a chance to ice climb in Antarctica, you took it. Although you went with a group of people, you decided to strike out on your own and brave the biting cold. With your climbing gear ready, you start out on your journey.

But… uh oh… it turns out you’re not as good of an ice climber as you thought you’d be. Your foot slips on your very first step and you find yourself falling into an underground cavern.

You pass out from the pain, but when you wake up it turns out that you’re not injured too badly… however your ice climbing gear is broken. “How will I get out of this mess now?” you ask yourself.

At that moment, you hear the scratching of ice somewhere behind you… unsure of what it may be, you walk further into the caverns only to find Lex Luthor laying against the ice, scratching it in hopes of someone hearing him.

It turns out you’re not alone after all! What’s more fortunate is that his ice climbing gear is in pristine condition, however he is not. As you move forward to try and take his gear, he grabs your arm. “You want this gear? You’ll have to save me too.”

That’s when you notice something odd - laying beside Lex is a sheet of plans he created that detail out why he’s come to Antarctica. He’s here to melt glaciers, raising the ocean water levels around the world, and plunging the Earth into chaos.

What do you do knowing that if you save yourself, you essentially doom thousands upon thousands? Keep in mind, choosing to sacrifice yourself means an ice cold, biting end.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your answers!

PS I’ll be answering you in the comments, furthering the story along!


@Reaganfan78 You asked for more! Well, here you go :smiling_imp:


I know Lex is stronger than average even w/out powers, but if he’s really in bad shape and I’m not, what’s to stop me from just leaving him there and using his gear to escape? I’ll take the plans w/ me and try to track down Superman (maybe take the plans to the Daily Planet so they can run the story and Lois can signal him?), and he’ll haul Lex off to jail


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… :thinking:

If I’m with a group… then for my specific case my group would be the Batfam.

As much as I know I shouldn’t say this, I’m going to anyway:

Jokes on you, there’s no way I’d ever wonder away from my main source of body heat… my husband :heart:, or any other Batfam genius who is my only source of survival. Also, the only reason why Jason would allow me to ever go to Antarctica in the first place is if I agree to use the buddy system at all times. If I ever wondered off and stumble into an ice cavern with Lex Luthor, I’m sure I’d be in some deep Bat trouble when Jay and the fam eventually find me. It’s my job to calm Jason down when he gets mad, not to be the cause of it. I also don’t think Lex would be safe either, especially after Jay finds out how dumb Luthor made me feel after 30 or so minutes of rubbing his intellect in my face.

Yeah… something tells me that my answer comes down to Batman working out the situation, and I have a lot of making up to do when we get back to Gotham. Blaming it on “well I saw a polar bear and got distracted” is not a good answer to give to somebody like Red Hood…


honnestly I’d probably just sit there and annoy lex untill hypothermia gets us both, of ways to die hypothermia probably isn’t that bad


Oh tough one. I’d leave Lex stranded and take the plan with me to runaway. Once I get home I’d burn his plan and the world will be safe. As for Lex, he ended up with a same fate as Jack in the end of The Shining, froze to death with a horror look on his face!:slightly_smiling_face:


I’d climb out telling him I was going to get help (obviously I cant carry the both of us out). Whether I get help or not is up in the air


I’m kidding I’d feel way too guilty of leaving someone to die, as horrible as he is. I’d just make sure the plans got in the hands of Lois Lane, reporter extraordinaire


Ooof, we’re getting dark with these ones now. Okay.

I mean. It’s not like I have any ability to actually save him, right? I would try to bandage him up or something because I would feel way too guilty to just take his stuff and leave. But ultimately, I’d probably just wait for him to pass out and then take his stuff and get out of there. Maybe yell for Superman once I get out and hope he hears me?

I would really feel too guilty leaving him to die. Even if he is a terrible person. So I would try to get help after I got out. Maybe I’d take those plans with me, just to be safe though.


I throw a batarang at him, tie him up, take his gear, use him like a backpack, get out, swim to Australia (do not pretend y’all have not seen me do far more impressive feats of strength), and then lock him up.


I would save. Most likely do my best to bandage and get us both out. Probably a long few days leading to a reluctant villain non villain friendship. :sweat_smile:

But in the end saving him he would owe me and I’d make him stop his plans. Also to spice up the pot since he’s not the most honorable person I’d promise to not tell anyone the the great Lex Luther had to get saved by an average joe like me.


That… is the most wholesome answer… befriend the super villain as much as you can and that’s what saves the world… just… very wholesome



@arkhamassassin @Reaganfan78 His body may be injured, but he has a weapon and will stop you from leaving!

@TheWifeOfJasonTodd LOL

@Izzy11 Haha, very honorable. You will be missed, friend.

@casasstrophe Too bad. Before you were able to get a hold of Lois, he carried out his plans and now Metropolis is underwater.

@Row.Harper Aww you’re a nice person lol. But Lex isn’t, and he has committed those plans to memory already. Superman was too busy to come to your aid, and now you’re sitting there with a healed Lex screaming at you in the cave for you to help him out. What do you do?

@MatthewHecht another LOL

@NYJt3 Ooh… blackmail… it may work but I’m not sure it would stop him from carrying out his plans! You may attempt to tell others of his shame, but who would there be to tell once he has made the world a watery wasteland?


Thanks :+1::sweat_smile:.

That is very true. Hopefully his ego keeps him from thinking that way :thinking::sweat_smile:


Tis a hard thing to do to put the fate of the world in the hands of hope and trust. But it is a daring and beautiful thing nevertheless. :heart:


Save him. Let him do his thing. Get ahold of Superman, have him spin the earth backwards to undo it all, 1978 style.


Dang, I was hoping I would just be able to get away. :laughing:

Okay, so first off, apparently I am a meta healer in this world since all I did was bandage him and he healed right up. Which is good, because that means I have some form of value in Lex’s eyes.

So, in that case, I bargain with him. I’ll help him out and we can both get out of here as long as he doesn’t enact his Earth drowning plans. And I will stay will him as his personal healer.

Eventually, I’m sure Superman will stop him when he does something else super evil, and I’ll tell Superman my sad story as to how I got trapped working for Lex. Superman will totally believe me and set me free.

It’s the long way round but I do eventually get away from Lex. :laughing:


Me, being paranoid I brought a communications device with me. Whereas my ice climbing gear is destroyed, I’m able to send a message to one of the contacts in the group of people. I tell them where I’m stranded, but also that Lex Freaking Luthor is here with me. They need to get us help, but super help. I need someone to get Plastic Man so that he can stretch down and shape into a cage to lift me and Lex out. I also need the Martian Manhunter (because I don’t know where Kal-El or Jonathan Kent are these days), and he can make sure we are safe coming out of the structure, and read Lex’s mind to see if there are other caveats he had in place because he plans for everything.


@moro Haha very stylish.

@Row.Harper This felt like reading a beautiful piece of art - brava! Haha personal healer to Lex only to abandon him as soon as Supes comes around :laughing:. You save yourself AND the world :clap:. At least for now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@EternalKnight Haha so that communications device must be something really special if you’re able to get messages out in nowhere, Antarctica. Good thing you called for MM to ensure Lex didn’t have anything else in place! :grin:


This is the best compliment I could ever receive! Thank you!

Also, thanks for doing these! They’re a lot of fun!