Storing Omnibuses

This question could go into a few different categories: comics, misc., collector’s corner, and this one, so, hopefully it is in a good board.

Anyways, for those that collect Omnibuses, how do you store your collection? Do you have the spine facing you, the ceiling, the floor of the self, away from you, on the left (where you can read the title), or on the right (where you read the comics included)? Also, do you have the spine facing vertically or horizontally?

After positions, do you have it on a bookshelf or in boxes? If the latter, where do you get the boxes?

Sorry for all the questions, but I have been placing them on the bookshelf with the spine on the left horizontally, so from bird’s-eye view I could read the title, but through research, found out it can ruin the lifespan of the book. I am also looking into boxes, that way dust and bugs do not interfere with the cleanliness or age of the book, but don’t know where to get them.

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Just like a regular book or regular trades, spine facing out.

The problem I have is that the books are large to fit on my shelf. Plus, it may help to get boxes that way I have a Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age box.

Yeah, those omnibuses can be storage hogs depending on your space. Not to mention a strain on a shelf. I only have a couple of them so for me, I just shelved them like regular trades but on the bottom shelf of a bookcase. Don’t have to worry about a shelf bowing because of the weight.

Boxes are a good idea too. I’ve got some trades in a long box and it saved space very well. If you have stacks of boxes, keep those with trades on the bottom due to the weight. They can be a pickle to move otherwise.

Yeah, dumb me thought putting all my omnibuses on the top shelf would keep potential bugs away from climbing up as well as allow me to quickly grab a book near eye-level versus stooping to grab a book. But, when my bookcase started to tilt as I put more and more omnibuses with the spine facing the ceiling, I realized that is not a good idea.

I will probably need to pick up some boxes then, but I am unsure what boxes would be best for omnibuses other than the package boxes they arrive in.

@abfgmsw I am happy to store your Omnibuses for you.

I think regular comic storage boxes should work for them. They might be bit big so some measuring might be in order. If they’re the same height as your garden variety trade, then they should fit in comic boxes just fine.

I looked up some comic book boxes on Amazon, but I do not believe the dimensions would fit omnibuses. I can always create boxes myself, but I wanted to see if there was a preferable storing method before I make an attempt.