Stories That Changed Your Mind on a Character

We all have DC characters we don’t particularly care for, or at the very least, don’t care about at all. But then, someday, a particular story shows them in a new light, and encourages you to reconsider your stance. What are some stories that got you to come around on a character you originally disregarded?

The biggest one for me is 2018’s Hawkman, which got me to click with the character in a way I never did before. All the confusing elements of his story all suddenly made sense together, and lent credence to a truly fascinating character at the center.


JSA 7-9 Green Lantern

The Hunt for Extant-Atom Smasher

JSA B.C.- Black Adam

My Heroes-STRIPE

Black Reign- Dr Fate and Hourman

Princes of Darkness- Sandman and Captain Marvel

Black Vengeance- Atom Smasher (again)

JSA 52-53 Power Girl (probably the biggest complete 180 here).


I probably didn’t care for Green Arrow, til I watch Smallville and also didn’t care for JSA, til I watch Smallville and later Stargirl.:slightly_smiling_face:


Superman - Superman Rebirth by Tomasi and Gleason.

I’ve never been a Superman fan. But that series gave me a whole new view of him. It’s also why I like Jon so much.


I definitely agree with Hawkman 2018. Never stood out to me that much but that story made him a favorite of mine.

I’d say Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Read that before watching the show and it made be care so much more about the JSA and Stargirl and the whole crew.

Superman Rebirth definitely hooked me on him. I’ve scene movies and shows and thought they were cool but he was just there. Never hated him or liked him just there. But that run made appreciate and like Supes a bit more.

Also Aquaman Rebirth.
Always thought he was cool but like Supes not much. But after that run not only is he a favorite all of Atlantis is definitely in my favorite stuff to read list.

There’s probably more but that’s what comes to mind right now.