💙Stories For Hope💙 Your Favorite Pick-Me-Up Comics

I’m right with u on everything in that statement. Stay strong…

Idk if it’s already been mentioned but Superman #701

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One of my favorite feel-good episodes of The New Batman Adventures is Double Talk, S1:E6.

Ventriloquist goes through a frightening and lonely time, but with support from Bruce Wayne and through his own courage, hard work, and willpower, he gets a good ending to the story.

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UP IN THE SKY! It is perfect for this

I miss low key “take a breather” issues between huge story arcs. When we’d have a single one shot issue, that might have some small conflict to resolve in them, but they were largely dedicated to “day in the life” style stories.

I feel like those issues and moments were crucial in making us care about the characters.

I’ve gotten desensitized, as “cataclysmic events” are the norm. I’m finding that after the joker/Riddler war, then the Dark Metal cataclysm, and then City of Bane, and now the Joker War I no longer care about the fate of Gotham city. It feels like a waste of emotion and pathos because the city has been under chaotic siege for what seems like year after year now. I feel like if i even bother to look at what’s happening the struggle is pointless and all for naught, because after THIS crisis is over, than another “blow up the city” is going to happen.

I NEED those “everything’s okay, and this is what normal should be” stories and issues to make me care about the characters again.

ever know someone with health issues, and just every week you get a new update on a new complication, and after a while it just bleeds together into one long parade of bad news. Your brain shuts down and can not separate that one trauma from that other trauma? This is how i feel about Gotham city these days.

The Bat titles NEEDS some pick me up stories. Last one i really read was when Bruce/Selina and Clark/Lois went out on a date together. I helped drive home what they are fighting for, the REASON they put on the suit.

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Teen Titans Go! Healthy Habits, all of them and the rest of all of them are good, even both the show, the original Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies’ great lessons and morals about everything in their crazy shenanigans, and every DC superhero show in the world, next to anything Teen Titans.

Gonna take a look at Starman.

Even though it’s not on here, do any Golden Age Shazam stories count? Like, when each member had their own storyline?

I would also like to suggest (if not already mentioned) the first season of the Legion of Superheroes TV series and its tie-in comics.
And the Formerly Known as the Justice League comics. They’re more towards David Zucker-style comedy than hope, in my opinion.

Could I also suggest HBO Max’s Sesame Street?

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Yes. I submit the new animated adaptation of The Monster At The End Of This Book.

Whenever someone posts here, from now on, I recommend using this image:


In the Bible app, there’s a study plan called “Advent Reflections”. The first part of it literally analyzes the word hope etymologically.

Not sure how to post a link to it. Just download the app. It’s free.

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Dark knight Returns, a story about holding on to your morals and rallying for good even in the darkest times.

Under the moon a Catwoman’s tale, batman rebirth 36-37, 68,78,79 cause its got lostsa batcat fluff, batman TAS: Nothing to fear, Brave and the bold number 197, Knights of the future batman the brave and the bold, 80 years of romance Batman and Catwoman except the last book (batman rebirth number 50) solo 1, The dark knight returns part 2. the episode of batman TAS were bats is teetering on the edge of quitting then sees a pickpocket he had stopped put away going home…yes most of my choice are batman or Catwoman related I cat help it am a huge fan of batcat.

book that puts me in the opiset mood: Gotham high, do not like the double-dealing of cat with future joker and bruce.

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Wonder Woman '84, the movie has a message for hope I think. I like that it’s not a dark film like some heroes films.:slightly_smiling_face:


The “Adventures Of Superman” radio show and tv show are wonderfully uplifting and fun! And, of course, one can’t count out “Batman '66,” so much tongue in cheek hilarity.


The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui
Graphic Novel

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All of The Chuck Tv Show, and Psych. Both on Amazon Prime.

Chuck season 2 episode 10 “Chuck vs the Delorian” is especially wholesome.


the suicide squad king shark is my favorite comic book

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