Stop Feeding the Hate

Why can’t we be friends? :musical_score:

Why can’t we be friends? :musical_score:


I disagree with your point about canceling unless X is done. If you are paying for a service, you have the right to cancel. Voicing an opinion to the owners of said business to try and get X accomplished is common sense. But hey capitalism giving tons of money to corporations and just accepting what they produce is fine.


Yeah it’s ridiculous to cancel something you already paid for. Just like the online for the Nintendo Switch. Yes the virtual console is not great and you need it to play games online, but it was only $20 for a year. People just get off on starting an argument. Maybe they didn’t get enough love as a child lol. Honestly this service is getting better in time. I love the DC app and will continue using it. Yes it doesn’t have everything DC has produced, but there is just too much content to not find something to get into in here. As a saying in the military " Suck it up and drive on". I’m with you on the stop hating.

I think some of you are missing the point. 1.) No one’s telling anyone to hold off on their opinion. More so, voicing the frustration of new threads arguing the same points of the same people popping up daily, and not using original, designated threads that have already been created on the forum. 2.) I encourage everyone to not argue over this (as the whole point of this thread was to discourage it). Rather, I recommend we use it to promote some positivity. With that said, whoever mentioned Kingdom Come, yeah I did the same thing and really enjoyed it. Can’t believe I slept on it for so long.


Supported this site fully from day 1. Great post. As the person right by my post said (forgot to look at tag don’t wanna start over) I got sucked in a few times but ignoring is definitely the best policy.

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I think there’s some conflation of destructive trolls and naysayers and those who simply have negative opinions about current content. I agree that the former are best ignored, but the latter are contributing just as much as those with positive opinions. As long as the debate is intelligent and civil, dissent is healthy.

The “I’m canceling” topics are completely pointless, though. DCU can track their own subscription statistics more than adequately, and one person’s cancellation doesn’t affect the rest of us in the slightest. Like, if someone like HubCityQuestion were canceling, I might care because he’s a prominent and active figure in the community, but most other users could leave and not get much more of a reaction out of me than “Huh.” So, I ignore those topics not out of any desire to make a point, but because I simply could not care less.

All that aside, I really need to read Kingdom Come. I’ve read a solid chunk of Mark Waid’s Flash, all of his JLA, and all of 52, and those are some of my favorite books, so I’m interested in having a look at his big project.


Strong second to what Bat Jamags said. Here’s the thing. You have every right to complain about the service not having what you want. You have every right to cancel if it doesn’t have what you want. You even have every right to complain on the forums about how you will leave if you don’t get what you want.

We that use the forums often and have heard these same basic points have a right and responsibility to ignore these posts and allow more interesting content to rise to the top.

And about Capitalism, heck yes, capitalism FTW. Economic freedom is awesome. I can spend my money on a service I love that provides me nigh infinite DC comics that I can carry in my pocket, and you can decide it isn’t for you and spend your money on something else that you love. That’s capitalism and it’s freaking fantastic!



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OK, fair point. Probably should’ve stayed out of it.

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Hard call. I’m the guy who wrote a giant satire of negative posts earlier this week. Hard to know what is constructive and what only adds fuel to the fire. I thought about jumping in as well.

All forums are messy. Goes with the territory. I’m actually rather impressed with he community here, but I was reminded of this post hence the bump. Didn’t have you in mind. Wasn’t pointing fingers.

I wonder if the update will include PMs. Could be useful for this kind of thing.


Yeah, I didn’t think you had me specifically in mind, since the comments were timed too close together, but as a general point about messing around with these dumb melodramatic topics, I was at best wasting my time.

Given that anybody can use the forums, including non-subscribers, trolling is gonna happen. There was an uptick in troll-esque posts right after SDCC.

Certainly if somebody wants to cancel, (especially because of Swamp Thing, that just got ridiculous) I’m all for it. Goodbye and good luck. The show lost a lot of money and canceling it was the right call. It just makes financial sense.

Also the “why isn’t everything DC has ever done on here” threads are also tiresome. If they are trolls or real posts, I think it’s important to explain that the long term health of DCU is going to be based on responsible financial planning. This service is a business. I do think some folks honestly don’t understand the financial realities of business.

You can’t please all the people all the time. If you try, it’s a recipe for failure. Are there likely some subscribers that are going to cancel when ST ends. Probably. Is HQ going to bring in new subscribers. Probably. It’s the way the business world works. Accept and move on or get some therapy.

I posed the question of if there was more video content would people be willing to pay more for the service. The answer was a resounding “No.” so, it’s clear many people are ignoring the financial realities and/or not willing to put there money where their mouth is. I don’t see a problem with calling that out. If for no other reason than for others,not the OP, to be reminded that DCU is making responsible decisions and that in turn shows an interest and commitment to the long term health of the service.

But, as long as the forums are open to all, and not just members, trolls gonna troll. Hopefully Kelex will learn and handle some of the more egregious cases automatically.

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Moving this to feedback. Thanks!

@Desade acolyte

A brilliant analysis.

I daily copy great forum content to text, via screen snapshots to text, so that i can categorize for off site search, like the Start Reading articles, which like all News can not be bookmarked

This will be added a few of yours that i already have.

I hope Community 2.0 tells us the tier the thread creator is in, so I can better judge whether to even read further heavily negative threads.

DC Universe allows non members in all areas, but no downloads. Non members can see what is available.

DC Universe also offers a seven day free trial, so technical issues can be solved.

Complaining in General doesnt solve anything. Contact Tech Support first, then have it logged at Support and Feedback.

As long as most of the vast 22k+ library stays and all TV series, animated and live action, stays as well, I am not going to complain.

Since I have gone digital for five years and am current, it the older issues in the library that concern me, especially if there is an interesting book club thread. I can find and read my comics much better on Comixology than here, as long as I actually download my current and ‘older to read’ issues.

As for movies, how often do you watch them? Unlike a series, a movie lasts two or three hours tops. I normally only watch a movie if it is about to leave the service.

I own New Frontier and Superman the Movie, but the only movies that are essential here, especially for new members are:

Secret Origins: History of DC
Justice League New Frontier
Superman the Movie
The first two Tim Burton Batman movies, currently missing.

I do not understand people complaining about a particular movie being missing.

I am almost 69 and when I was young, before VCR, the only time you could see a movie was in a theater and then it was gone forever. Movies like Gone with the Wind or Wizard of Oz, would be brought back every five years or so.

Syndication didnt exist for TV really, so you only had two chances to watch a Star Treck episode, original and rerun in the same season.

So I don’t understand members complaining about a month or less in delay to see an animated movie. Part of it is the immediate gratification members, especially younger one, can obtan, and expect, in other areas of their lives. But there is akso a lack of faith in the service, who sometimes hides the fact that some titles are to be removed, when it has already been reported by outside media.

For those people interested in movies only, with limited resources, this services can’t currently satisfy you. Your monthly or yearly fee would be better spent on buying the DVD, with its extra content or joining a streaming service that has the content you want, maybe for a limited time, because how many times will you watch a movie?

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