Stop Feeding the Hate

Recently, DC Universe Community has had a number of threads clearly written to spark a reaction from those who use the service for its intended purpose. I myself have responded to one or two, but it’s time to stop. If you see an obvious troll thread (threatening to cancel a yearly subscription, comparison to Marvel/MCU, etc.), flag it and move on. Don’t stoke the flames. Let the haters hate, and leave them alone, don’t share the animosity. Find threads that initiate thoughtful discussion and bring comic and movie (and TV and video game) fans together.



That’s not a bad idea @Batwing52. I like it!

Can’t agree with this more. When I first joined, I was so proud to be a part of this community. It was cool people sharing their love for DC. Now it just feels like people want to get attention, make others mad, or feel entitled to whatever they want or feel because they like or don’t like something. I wish we could all go back to the way it was in the beginning. Not complaining about costumes, or directors, or shows. But just loving that we get any form of DC to enjoy at all. Luckily I’m seeing some newer, more positive threads pop up. And it’s always cool to see old threads like the LGBT support thread pop back up to the top again. :slight_smile:


Bro!! You’re like Jesus… But Less good at making tables.

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Y’know, this could be a cool thread to just talk about some positives with DC. For example, if any of you haven’t had the chance to read, “Brightest Day, Blackest Night,” by Steven T. Seagle and John K. Snyder III. It’s a super great Alan Scott storyline with some of my favorite art in comic history. Unfortunately, from what I can tell, it doesn’t appear to be on DC Universe yet, but look around and see if you’re able to check it out anywhere. :slight_smile:


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I know what you mean. The forums really took a hit after the whole Swamp Thing happened. Ever since then, the forum has basically had negative topics such as:

  • “DC Universe Closing Down”
  • “Cancel Swamp Thing”
  • “I’m canceling my subscription”
  • “MCU is beating DCEU”
  • “DCU is lacking content”

And now, recently…

  • “Young Justice sucks”

It’s like no matter how hard we try to remain positive, an opposing force is there to counter the balance. I know that people have tye right to opinion and I don’t want to censor those people who aren’t happy but at the same time, it does get frustrating to seevthose types if threads. Unfortunately, negativity stacks up and becomes more present over time, negativity us like a cancer, it spreads… it’s toxic.


@Gibby, well howdy man hope you’ve been well.

I get what @batwing52 is getting at and I’ve talked with most of y’all on here and I think y’all know I’m all for positivity and being supportive of fellow DCU members but that includes allowing ppl to express themselves and there opinion. Even if its one you don’t share. As long as they follow the forum guidelines they have a right to do so.
Otherwise it just comes off as authoritarianism. Please tell me y’all see the irony in complaining about ppl who are complaining.


@OmniLad, Also there have been negative comments on here since the app started. This is nothing new, think back to when Titans was on.


Come on, everyone, let’s sing together: Let It Gooooooooo …

Though I must admit that there have been times where I’ve been unable to control myself, I really do prefer to not even to respond to most of these threads because I hate seeing them bumped to the top of the page.

Let them all sink into the Dark Universe…


@Aquamon You’re totally right, I’m definitely being hyperbolic. For some reason I feel like it wasn’t as bad though. I don’t know. And while I 100% agree with you that we should protect DCU User’s freedom to express themselves, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying to promote some positivity. On top of that, a lot of the complaints are constantly repeated. And, for some reason, new threads are started daily about the same topic. It no longer feels like wanting to express themselves, but more so to get a rise out of people. Then again, that may also have something to do with the community forums being frustrating to navigate and search through for threads you’re interested in. I wish it worked closer to Reddit, or at least had some search functionality. But I digress, as I’ve just started to do exactly what I aim to promote against lol.

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@OmniLad, oh Hakuna Matata I wasn’t trying to insinuate that you were being hyperbolic more that nostalgia can be blinding sometimes. I believe that you are most likely correct on all fronts as to why there seems to be saturation of negative threads. If you ever have something positive you want to share there is a nifty little thread called “Tell Me Something Good” I can’t remember who made it but they seem fantastic and incredibly humble!! I’ll give it a bump for you. It’s located in the Random thread section.


Gibby what did I tell you about yelling in the Threads.

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Ut-Oh y’all looks like there is a positive thread in the Rumor section about to break 100!

Here’s some positivity, just read Kingdom Come for the first time (because of this amazing DCU brotha!!!). Anywho fragging loved it, my ol lady couldn’t stop talking about the beautiful art in it. Thanks DC you keep me enthralled with amazing stories and beautiful artwork on a daily basis. Keeps my heart and my mind… Efulgent


Some people just thrive on being a troll. the anonymity of this sort of venue seems to exaggerate it. All I can say is that it is up to you: what do you want to get sucked into? Trust your gut(s): if it feels like a troll, it just might be.

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I think everybody is getting bent out of shape about nothing. The, “I’m canceling my subscription unless X happens,” threads make me roll my eyes and I ignore them, but the I really love/hate Swamp Thing and want it to get a season 2/go away forever threads are just people expressing their opinions and the people on the other side are acting like the OP kicked their dog.

An opinion about a property you like isn’t an insult to you. Have some emotional maturity people. Either address the criticism or move on. Don’t insult the person for their opinion.


I mostly agree. I do not think it is inappropriate to compare DC to Marvel as long as it is done constructively and positively.

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You’re right, but so so so hard not to respond to the dumb crap trolls throw out there. I will follow your lead. At the very least if one person answers back with “these are rumors” type response which I think is warranted at times that should be enough

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None of those topics bother me because I simply ignore them