Stop calling the movie universe "Worlds of DC"

I’ve seen more than a few people using the name “Worlds of DC” to refer to DC’s movie universe, but I have a couple of problems with this name.

If you’re not familiar with it, this name stems from the last Comic-con, when we saw a bunch of articles from entertainment blog sites spreading the news that that’s going to be the official name for DC’s movie universe from now on.

But I really don’t like “Worlds of DC” for a couple of major reasons. 1) The entertainment bloggers spread the name “Worlds of DC” alongside a deliberately negative narrative. The bloggers were saying that DC’s movies failed, so WB has to rebrand the movies with a new name. It was, of course, primarily the bloggers who hate DC’s movies who were the ones spreading this news. 2) The name actually stems from a fairly dumb misunderstanding. “Worlds of DC” was simply just some text on a welcome banner at Comic-con. Some entertainment blogger saw that and then just baselessly jumped to the conclusion that that’s the official name for DC’s movie universe. And then it spread from there. But it really wasn’t even meant to be the official name at all.


I don’t like it either but I also don’t like the name DCEU as well

Neither were ever official titles, they’re just what movie journalists and pundits adopted to streamline their campaign against WB/DC. The official name of the film division in charge of DC characters and their movies was and is “DC Films”. I understand OPs frustration, I’m all over the net trying to explain this

@Zombody, that is usually the case, The media coins phrases and gives names to persons places and things in the comics that is The case with Superman, Flash, and Wonder Woman.

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@dnno1 I can appreciate the meta reflection, but the in real world they were all named by their creators.
The reason “Worlds of DC” and “DCEU” bother me to no end is that it’s a clear signal that the person using it puts more merit into the movie pundit echo-chamber and youtube comments section narrative than they do anyone working on these films. They are just parroting the talking points of some movie gossip rag that has no love of these characters but are familiar enough with them to pretend to be fans. Their the type to crap on MoS for “not getting the character right” with 1978 Superman: the movie as their only point of comparison while simultaneously being “so excited” about the Birds of Prey movie, because “Harley Quinn”. These guys are telling ME what DC movies are supposed to be like? The same people calling praising Black Panther and Wonder Woman as cultural achievements while urinating on Helen Slater and Wesley Snipes? I know that is all mostly projection, but if looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are it’s a duck.


Interesting responses.

As for the name DCEU, I know that it’s technically not WB’s official name for the movie universe either. An entertainment reporter simply made it up. And its exact meaning is confusing. Extended? Extended from what?

But between DCEU & Worlds of DC, I prefer DCEU, because unlike Worlds of DC, which sprang from someone’s negative narrative, DCEU was adopted by not only the fan community, but also by people involved in making the movies, including the cast and crew. Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher, at least I’m sure of, and other prominent people like Jay Oliva, and I know I remember one of the producers, have used the name DCEU.