I appreciate you guys adding the things we want. I asked for The Ne Adventures of Batman. It was added 2 days later. I read the whole Infinity Crisis and the Identity Crisis too. Great App!! It’s great your starting to add New 52 stuff. Add Flashpoint so everyone can get caught up. The movie only shows so much.

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Please excuse my bad grammar. Gramma r

Btw… Go Rams!!!

You’re very welcome! We’re glad to hear you’re excited about the new content. And I’ll be sure to submit your request for the Flashpoint comics. :blush:

@jimRS3, you’re in luck as Flashpoint is currently here in the Comics section. It was part of last week’s comic update.

@Kitty, on that note, can the title for Flashpoint be modified? It’s listed as the Digital Deluxe Edition but the issues here don’t have the behind the scenes content of the DDE issues. The standard digital single issues ate what’s here, so the title should just be “Flashpoint”.

*are what’s here

I did catch your comment on that, on one of the other threads. Already submitted the discrepancy for ya! ^ ^

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