Static Movie

I think Static could be what spider man was in the mcu for the league , have him debut in Justice league as the youngest a kid really who batman tracks down and asks him for help while mentoring him along the way. There can be a connection from the audience because static I just a regular teen trying to come to terms with his person .


A static movie would be AMAZING!!! But they have to do it right. Then we would see characters that we wouldn’t usually see on screen

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I agree we need a static movie ASAP but I would rather black lighting mentor static

I cannot agree more - a Static movie would be unbelievable!

Who would you guys cast?

Agreed on my end too. I would personally like the original comic book version. With the political and social climate we have atm, Static is a no-brainer. DC should really be pushing the Milestone universe. If Black Panther, a character created by two white guys during the civil rights movement and is basically a 1960s stereotype, is a cultural achievement the Milestone universe is a million times more significant! African American characters created by African American creators dealing with African American issues!? (Grabs fist-handled came and knocks on WB’s head) “Hello, McFly, anyone in there?!”
Casting…I think you go with an unknown. WB, wake up! You’re sitting on a giant payday!

Quincy Brown as Static



I already have the screenplay written a year ago.

A Static movie would be wonderful!

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Static movie would be perfect at this time a regular teen out to save the world