Static and the Dakotaverse

I realized a lot of people only know Static from the cartoon so I made this thread for anyone who has questions about Static and the Dakotaverse I will answer to the best of my ability. Note that I do own every Static comic from his time in the Dakotaverse as well as several Icon, Hardware, Kobalt and Heroes comics so I know alot about the Dakotaverse.


Superman the man of steel 35
Superman the man of steel 36
Superboy 7
Steel 7
For orginal Dakotaverse crossover with main DC universe

Also Read
Brave and the bold 24,25 and 26 for stories of Milestone characters once they were official folded into the DC proper


Thanks for laying out the titles in “Worlds Collide” I’m going to hunt them down now.

I guess my only question for DC: Why arent these characters used more? With everybody celebrating Black Panther, how are you not showcasing these great characters? How is Ava Duvernay doing “New Gods” instead of “Icon”?
Not because I think that if a character is black they need a black director, or vice versa. But this is definitely something she would “get”. The way Icon and Rocket essentially embody the respective viewpoints of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois is nothing short of brilliant. Dakotaverse is a million times more authentic than Panther or Cage. Icon even has a Luke Cage parody character named Buck Wild, with gold chains, afro, and speaks like hes in a blaxploitation film.


Late to the game on comics, so can you please explain what the dakotaverse is?

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Is there a static comic that features black lightning?

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@Nighthood, the Dakotaverse is the world within Milestone Media/Comics. Milestone was a company founded by writers and artists of color in the 90s. They created Static (shock), Rocket, Icon, Hardware, and the Blood Syndicate amongst other things. Theres a great run down at the 1:14 mark

Video also highlights the genius of Dwayne Mcduffie, comic book writing legend

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Also, AMC presents Robert Kirkman’s Secret Comicbook History has a phenomenal episode on Milestone.

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The long and short of why the characters aren’t used more is because the characters are by and large creator owned. If I remember correctly, at one point someone tried to license the characters to Marvel.

@Nighthood27 The Dakotaverse is the original universe that Static, Icon & Rocket and The Shadow Cabinet lived in before merging with DC’s prime Earth

@Jaywavy1 NO but they do team up in Brave and the bold 24. Bonus: Static also has poster of Black Lightning hanging on his bedroom’s wall during his tenure with Teen Titans

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