Starting the DC Cinematic Universe from scratch, what would you do?

If you could start over with the DC cinematic universe, how would you structure it? Would you keep it as is, soft reboot, or from scratch?

I would re-launch the main characters–batman, superman, wonder woman, etc.–in there own stand alone movies with no mention of the existence of each other in their own continuity, until at least 2-3 movies in…if they were successful on their own. I would set up rules about what the stakes could be in their solo movies. For instance, there would not be any global stakes in the introductory films, just city or less. This way, they would not be expected to know one another in the course of their solo runs, if I decide later to bring them together. Essentially, all the solo stories would be self-contained and in, conceivably, their own worlds until they were proven successes.

For characters like booster gold, green arrow, and blue beetle, they would be allowed to do team/ensemble movies because this might create a greater likelihood for success with those characters that otherwise might not make it in a solo film. But, they would exist as if in their own universe as a team initially.

As the movies succeeded on their own, I would construct an interweaving plot on the already established characters and story arcs, leading up to a Justice League or Infinite Crisis type plot. And, for kicks, my ultimate climax and culminating story would be something like Kingdom Come, if everything goes according to plans.

What would you do?


Sorry, but that doesn’t sound like it improves anything. I’d say keep it as it is, because the movies we got were very good as they were.


The DCEU started exactly the way the DC universe should start, with the birth of Kal-El. I would keep MoS, then release a PG-13 version of the BvS Ultimate Cut ( there’s very little in there that necessitates an R rating) and deal with the longer runtime.


I would do it the marvel way. Release the solo movies first and then build up to justice league simple as that


Put James Wan in charge

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To be honest I would of branched it off of the Nolan trilogy. And follow the Mcu formula


The only thing I would do different is a solo Batman movie after Man Of Steel.


Leave Wonder Woman exactly as she is.

Make Superman lighter and more hopeful for sure. That’s what the world needs right now. Leave the brooding to Batman.

Gotta start from the beginning, gotta prove that a man can fly. Most of Man of steel is good, but some I feel like could be changed to focus the plot more or set up stuff for future movies. So I’ll start with what to change with Man of steel first

1: Pa Kent doesn’t die in this film but his passing is saved for the second film in a less dramatic and dark way

2: Scrap the whole Pa Kent telling Clark to maybe let the kids die. The Bus crash still happens, and Clark still saves them, but he doesn’t notice that one bully in the water. The bully almost dies and is hospitalized. Clark blames himself and thinks he almost killed him because he didn’t save him. Pa Kent tells him “We can’t save everyone Clark. But we still try, no what”

3: Better setup/references to the future or past of the Superman/DC universe

4: Much MUCH less product placement and more in-universe products…love me some Taco Wiz

5: Most Citizens Of Metropolis are evacuated by the Mayor just in time, Minimizing the death toll of the third act.

6: Zod is knocked out but not killed and is kept within one of the sleeping pods found inside Kal-Els ship(The Solitude. A deep space exploration Ship)

7: The ending is not just Clark getting a Job at the Daily Planet, but also of the City being rebuilt with the help of Superman. Jobs Start to grow inside of the newly rebuilt city with the help of Queen industries, Lex Corp, and Wayne Enterprise. The Solitude is now under Government control, and hires third party companies such as Lex Corp and Cadmus to reverse engineer its technology, pushing forward technological advancements.

Side notes: Yes, I love man of steel with a passion, hence why I changed these things. Don’t want to throw out the baby with the bath water if you know what I mean.
Also kinda want to make everything more different to our world. Events happened differently and doesn’t take place in 2013, takes place more in the 80s, but a more futuristic 80s that kinda looks like 2013(but not) that way we can still have fun with the Justice Society and not worry about them being too old. And never say what the year is, only the day and month. That way continuity going forward is less sensitive and can be self correcting(be like marvel in the comics, not the movies)
The point of Man of steel is not just setting up Superman or other characters, but the universe at large. This includes setting up rules to follow going forward and fixing what the comics have problems with.
What comes after? Batman, but that’s a post for another day.


Screw it, I’ll write my Batman pitch now. Batman is the second film after Man of steel. Don’t have a name for it.
My pitch: The movie takes place before Man of steel. A combination of Death in the family, The killing Joke, and Brian Azzarello’s Joker. Film follows Batman and Johnny. Batman has been doing his thing for a few years now and has had Jason for a year and a half and bat girl for three, Dick and Bruce arn’t in good terms and isn’t in the film. Joker gets out of Arkham. hinted that league of shadows wanted him for something but joker has other plans and escapes the league with help from Harley, Johnny and the rest of the joker gang. Joker kills tons of people, including Johnny and Jason(this is his first time meeting him and joker knows it’s not the same Robin he remembers before), paralyzes Barbra, kidnaps and tortures Gordon. The film ends the same way Killing Joke ends. As credits roll we are treated with family photos and videos of all the people joker killed through out the film to the tune of “I got you under my skin”. Really want to drive home the idea that Joker kills kills and kills and Batman refuses to put him down. That way for Batman/Superman there’s a huge reason why Batman is almost about to kill Superman, he feels responsible for all those deaths, and is going to kill superman out of sorts redemption for lacking to kill the joker. He doesn’t btw. Next film is Wonder Woman(not much to change there)


For Wonder Woman all id change is the ending. When Aries is seemingly destroyed and all the Germans hug it out and the war ends. They shouldn’t hug it out, they should be like “what the hell just happened” and that’s why they arn’t fighting. The end of the war is cause of the deal spoke about earlier in the film, not cause Aries is dead.


I would do a generational thing where we’d start with the Justice society of America and work our way up to the Justice league, and I would keep clear consistent actors the whole way through since I truly believe that is something the DCEU struggles with.

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Zack did a brilliant job with this franchise. I would change the Martha scene in B vS. And release the Snyder cut of justice league. Then have WB let Affleck make his Batman movie assault on arkham. And have WB keep promoting future films so we know what is comming next.


All started with 2 kids from Cleveland. Siegel & Shuster were the 1st to create a being with superpowers. Nobody believed it would work. DC took a shot & it took off. Siegel & Shuster were so happy they didn’t think of royalties. 0 copywright laws back then. So they were both broke when Reeve took flight. DC, had no legal right to owe them anything. A newspaper writer received a letter about how they were broke & Brando was getting a couple million & public pressure finally resulted in DC giving them like $75,000. The same guy took a shot on Wonder Woman & it came out in 5 different issues upon its release. That’s just a morsel, but I don’t think it could’ve been any better. Superman literally forced copyright issues to be resolved. WW was the #1 comic soldiers read during world war ll.

Please, no reboots! That is the sad domain of the comics. Tweaking is fine. And if the trailers of Aquaman and Shazam! are any indication than DCEU may be going in the right direction; action-oriented films that eschew the doom and gloom and strive to entertain with positivity and hope.

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Keep Wonder Woman as is and make her the heart of the present day. Start a golden age franchise unit with Spielberg doing Blackhawks. Add a Justice Society or Freedom Fighters as a sister movie. Then a future franchise starting with Legion of Super Heroes, BatmanBeyond and maybe Kamandi.


I would do it from scratch with the following, going in a phase system like the MCU:


A Flash movie along the lines of the CW’s Flash in the matter of the balance between personal life and superhero life with Flash fighting Captain Boomerang.

A Green Arrow movie along the darker seasons of The Arrow with Green Arrow fighting Deadshot

A Wonder Woman movie with Wonder Woman fighting Cheetah

A Superman movie along the lines of the Richard Donner movies with Superman fighting The Enchantress.

A Batman movie with Batman fighting Killer Croc. Harleen Quinzel will be attempting to cure Killer Croc.

A Batman movie with Batman fighting The Joker and Harley Quinn.

An Aquaman movie with Aquaman fighting Black Manta

A Suicide Squad movie with the Squad (villains from all the previous movies) fighting…

A Justice League movie along the lines of Justice League Doom or Tower of Babylon. Sets up the Legion of Doom.


Justice League : Legion of Doom. League fails to take them all down at once so has to split up the legion to take them down in the following movies

Superman : Lex Luthor
Flash : Reverse Flash
Batman : Ra’s Al Ghul
Green Lantern: Sinestro
Shazam : Black Adam
Batman : Bane
Green Arrow : Malcolm Merlin
Wonder Woman : Ares
Aquaman : Ocean Master

Phase Three :
Will edit later if possible


I would do origin stories to introduce the characters that lead up to a full JL movie. But instead of a full 2 hr Superman or Batman or WW, I would do a 2 hour movie that consists of four 1/2 hour movies. Get different directors to do each segment. After 2 movies, you have the setup for a JL movie. Everybody already knows Supes, Bats, and Flashes origin, so no need for a 2-2.5 hr movie to show it again (cough cough, Amazing Spiderman…cough). These 1/2 hour movies can do a quick snippet of their origin and then lead into their next movie and the JL plot. For example the Supes movie will have a quick origin story and then have the story lean toward the JL movie but also allude to Braniac. Or Bats: quick intro and then allude to Black Mask beginning in Gotham.
I just don’t want to see the same villains over and over. Supes should have no Lex until at least the 3rd or 4th movie. No Bane, al Ghul, or Joker for Bats. Flash no Reverse Flash, Zoom, or Grodd.


There are a lot of good ideas. Influenced by some of your ideas, I wish DC would open up to the multiverse and do an alternate universe for MoS where Pa Kent didn’t die but which lead to the government trying to hunt down Superman, a kind of tip of the hat to Red Son and the Injustice series. Superman from MoS and the earth 2 Superman would eventually meet and sort things out in the typical comic book way. Eventually, we’d see a Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Id do it like this

Batman - War on Crime
Villain: Hush

Superman - Origins
Villain: Lex Luthor

Batman 2 - Kindle
Villain: Hugo Strange

Wonder Woman - Bondage (idk but the title is cool)
Villain: Circe

Flash - Scarlett Speedster (the film would just be called Scarkett Speedster)
Villain: Captain Cold

Aquaman - Birthright
Villain: Orn

Justice League - Origins
Villain: Khalibak, General Zod, or some other world ending threat


Batman 3 - Rapture
Villain: Court of Owls

Superman 2 - Last Son
Villain: Brainiac

Justice Society of America - N/A (would be like Guardians of the galaxy)
Villain: Vandal Savage or something

Flash 2 - Flashpoint (Just called Flashpoint)
Villain: Blue Flash or as CW fans call him: “Savitar”

Green Lantern - Beware my power
Villain: (idk, Hector Hammond?)

Justice League 2 - Legion
Villain(s): U already know

Green Arrow - Marooned
Villain: Idk deathstroke or something


Suicide Squad - (N/A)
Villain: Joker

Nightwing Anthology - (N/A)
Villain: (idk u decide)

Teen Titans - (Sequel to Nightwing)
Villain: Deathstroke

Superman 3 - All-Star Superman
Villain: Not really a specific villain

Justice League 3 - War (equivalent to infinity war)
Villain: Darkseid

Shazam - (N/A)
Villain: Black Adam

Justice League 4 - Genesis (sequel to JL 3)
Villain: Darkseid