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I’m new to comics and wanted to ask what is the easiest starting off point. I think it would be better to start small so I’m asking for more popular heroes first like Batman, Superman, the flash, etc.

Hi @keltea7.86186, Mad Love is one of my favorite Batman stories (because Harley is life) so I suggest giving that a go! :slight_smile:

You can read it here: DC Universe


I would check out any of the Earth One titles. You have a choice of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Teen Titans, and Green Lantern. You have to keep in mind that Earth One is not the main universe and some of the origin stories are different from the main universe. They are good solid stories that are very enjoyable.

The New 52 Flash (on here as Flash 2011) is a pretty good intro to the character that you should be able to pick up pretty easy if you’ve watched the show and have an idea who Barry Allen is.

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If you are looking for stuff on the app, trying searching for Year One [Robin Year One and Teen Titans Year One are personal favs.] for several mini series, or Rebirth for the Rebirth one shots that are on here. Those are all good introductory stories. Also the Encyclopedia is really helpful, you can read an article about the character and then click on the related content button to see what they have on the app that features that character.

Read “Aquaman the new 52 (2011)”
The first arc is 4 issues. This run by Geoff Johns is top shelf

Anything New 52 is a good jumping of point

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