Starting Comics?

I am new to the comic book scene and I’m wondering which ones to start with, which ones are the best to introduce me to the universe.

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I started in 2011 with Batman, the relaunched Batman book by Scoot Snyder, and it was the absolute best place I could imagine beginning.

Which characters are you most interested in?

If you have a particular DC Character in mind to start with i just Bumped to the top of the Support Forum the Start Reading Articles for many characters that was on our News Page.

Otherwise you should know that DC Comics did two reboots in the last 8 years which are good starting places to begin. Either of the two or a combo.

They are called

New 52 in 2011.
Rebirth in 2016.

Rebirth begins with Title
DC Universe Rebirth #1. There is no second issue.

Nathan .Payson has a Massive Rebirth checklist which i will bump to the top it is in the forum

Rebirth titles usually have a 0 issue followed by regular numbering

Listing by popular characters within 2011 or 2016

I suggest

Aquaman 2011 and 2016

Batman 2011
Detective 2016

Wonder Woman 2016

Superman Lois and Clark
Superman 2016
This series highlights Jon Kent son of the pre 2011 Superman

If you feel you need a basic
background in DC History
I suggest these two videos
(less than 3 hours)

Secret Origins History of DC
Comics Golden Silver Bronze
Ages of Comics

Justice League New Frontier
Reimagining Golden Age
Batman Superman Wonder
Woman as Silver Age of Flash
Green Lantern and Martian
Manhunter starts. That is 6
of the major Justice League

Best Series and Authors
Geoff Johns shows up a lot in
these lists. His works include
Aquaman 2011
New Teen Titans 2003
Green Lantern
Justice Society

Grant Morrison
JLA 1996
Batman and Robin 2009
Doom Patrol 1987
Animal Man 1988 not in

Alan Moore
Saga of Swamp Thing 1982

Warren Ellis

If you don’t mind sharing what your interests are and what you look for in comics, then those may be some good points to help narrow down from the humongous number of comics on here.

If you like a particular character that has a

Start Reading Article in News

I can copy and paste it here.
I converted all to text.

Just Green Lantern to go.

Basic idea is that there is a lot more great comics than i mentioned

Like James Robinson Starman
And Tom King Omega Men
But they can wait.

Batman has
Year One
Dark Knight Returns
Many more
But that is why you need a short reading list

Also in 2011 and 2016 there are many recommended titles

Animal Man
Swamp Thing
Demon Knights
Justice League Dark
Wonder Woman
Justice League
Earth 2
Huntress mini series
Worlds Finest

But they can wait
As can events like
Death of Superman
Crisis on Infi ite Earths

Need nasics first

In Comic Book Page at the top

There are three sections

Browze allows you to filter by
Era years are listed to help
A few Writers
A few Artists

Character list series the character is in. It also help you to see what characters you might be interested in

Spotlight is mainly events which you dont need right now

But there are also

Origin stories like Green Lantern
Batman arcs
Best of New 52

Finally we have a encylopedia giving basic info on selected characters.