Starting a collection help!

So I’m starting to collect some newer and older comics, I’ve mostly been using eBay and sticking with single runs/storylines to start. Any tips from some serious collectors. Also what about subscriptions I went through and the wait is just dreadful. Local comic shop was a bit of a disappoint but thinking one out of town maybe worth the effort?

First u should check out my youtube channel, ‘shadow nerds’ great things u can watch there about collecting comics. Second, Even tho ur local shop was a disappointment, as long as they have an account with diamond distribution, then u can subscribe to any new series u want and youll get them. As for older comics, prolly wanna go to one that has a large back issue section with tons of long boxes to dig through(which is lots of fun IMO) so u may have to go out of town for that. Idk what characters you like, there are many major storylines for almost every character. Also a great way is to find a certain author you like and see what other series they write for. Any more questions about anythng comics, hit me up on Twitter @seanshadow23 or