starman omnibus 1-6

Does anybody here know who is in charge of collected editions at DC? “Starman” is my fave DC series, and I’m dying to get the 6 omnibus editions, but eBay’s prices are ridiculous, and I’d like to send an email to plea with DC to reissue these books . Somebody said James Robinson in in a dispute with DC. I just want the darn books!

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Which Starman series? The one from the 90s? I had a Starman #0 and 1 I just sold.

The one by Robinson, Harris, and Snebjerg(sp?), I think it ran for 80 issues. Im sure the run is available to read here on DC universe, but I just can’t get into reading comics digitally on my tablet, and am dying to get the series in actual book form, collected. For me it’s seminal, and should always be available. I’m currently working on completing my Astro City run on eBay, and thought to check there for Starman. What they do have is inexplicably priced in the $200 dollar range. No way can I afford that, lol! Anyone else looking for the starman omnibus volumes? Would a signed petition work? I’m growing despondent here!

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I’d join an omnibus petition. I am not too invested into Starman, but if DC Comics released the third and final volume of the Bronze Age Batman in Brave and the Bold, as well as more Golden-Bronze Age characters, then sign me up.

Someone said that STARMAN was the book Vertigo would publish, if they had superheroes.

No superhero book or character was more of a weirdness magnet the way Jack Knight was.

I would be a very happy oldrocker99 if DC would do a show of this character. It’s pretty weird, featuring EVERY DC Starman.