Starman and Stargirl relationship on Stargirl

Do you think Starman is actually Courtney’s father or is she deep in denial of believing her father was a superhero? That it’s better to think he was a good man as opposed to not?

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If they’re sticking to the comics, then I doubt he’s gonna end up being her father. That being said, they’re not afraid to make changes (the staff is sentient) so I guess we’ll have to wait and see. If they go with the comics version, though…that’s gonna be tough to watch.

I don’t think so. But they already made Sylvester into Starman, despite having so many options who have been Starman before. So I don’t know what they are doing with that character.

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I’m glad they at least acknowledged Sylvester was the Star-Spangled Kid before he became Starman, which Ted mentions was on the table in Robinson’s Starman series, so it’s not outta nowhere; like in this world Sylvester didn’t just create the identity of Starman or the staff.

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In case anyone does not know in the comics he is a sucky very low goon of the Royal Flush gang. The comic this is revealed in is not on the site.

If they wanted to make a novel choice, they could go with Solomon Grundy being her dad, having been transformed into such shortly before the big battle where the JSA were decimated. That would give an interesting basis for she and Grundy having a bond similar to the one they had in the comics. The connection between her and the staff wouldn’t be explained, however, unless they wanted to go with the idea that the staff can somehow discern that she’s a similar personality type to starman…