STARGIRL Will Shine on DC Universe in Spring 2020

They just aired Harley Quinn on TBS. No one seems to be bothered by that. I still think it’s a great way to add financing without raising the subscription price. Netflix keeps getting higher and I dropped it a year or two ago…

Really? I haven’t seen ANYONE talking about this, nor do I remember it being included in the news about the show’s premiere. Maybe there’s not as much of an “uproar” because it’s an animated show? Idk.

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DC Universe is taking over!


I saw it on the TBS Twitter

Just a reminder that it gives commercial revenue and helps keep subscription costs down…

Hey, y’all! Just a reminder to keep the conversation on topic about the Stargirl announcement, which, if you haven’t seen the teaser trailer yet, you can catch it here:

Also, only the first episode of Harley Quinn will be airing on TBS - all remaining episodes can only be found here on DC Universe!


Probably with the language cut way down for broadcast TV :rofl:

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Official trailer for the CW’s Stargirl was just released by the CW


If it does stay around then it will primarily be a comic reader. I think the writing is on the wall at this point. DCU might still get shows but I doubt they’ll continue to be design for the service. It will just be one more outlet for people watch. Maybe you don’t get commercials which do get and have to watch on the CW website. I assume the app has it as well. That might be difference and why you might sign up for DCU instead.

The idea of the DCU being a video platform of new content I think is gone outside of the old offerings they just rotate. At least that’s how I see it right now.

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Well, right now. Stargirl, DP S2, Titans S3, YJ S4 & Bizarro TV are already committed to DCU. Stargirl could get a second season on WB, but the WB season 1 episodes will likely be edited down to match WB time window (unless they are going to broadcast in 1:15 min cycle or something. And DCU will get the complete, unedited episode and sans commercials. DP S2 will be simultaneously released on DCU and HBOMAX. (And we didn’t get an announcement that DP was even getting a season 2 until that deal with HBOMAX was agreed. While DC Originals (some at least) will get shared with other platforms, that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be here as well. Given the niche service DCU is and the costs of producing series, partnerships make sense.

Here’s an interesting thought, what if Stargirl is successful (and I think it will be) imagine DCU getting all the CWVERSE shows a day early and commercial free. WB knows about 1/3rd of its viewership comes from streaming. Perhaps Stargirl is a testbed idea for future CWVERSE shows, especially those like Stargirl, Batwoman, and whatever Canaries/Arrow spin off is done. And there are still rumors flying of a Superman series of some type coming to CW. None of which will be going to Netflix.


Love the new trailer, definitely a step up from the other one they dropped.

Seems they cast Stargirl perfectly and the effects look great and the story looks to be faithful to the comics for the most part. (It looks like it will be Starman in the past not Star Spangled Kid and obviously the staff didn’t come along until later, or her being called Stargirl for that matter), but what they showed is great and looks to have real respect for the source material. I love it.


I see what you did there, and I approve. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not only could DCU get some CW stuff, we could be the beneficiary of this new integrated philosophy from ATT/WB - we could get the new Green Lantern or Strange Adventures shows from HBO, we could get longer windows for movies, the possibilities are endless.

Anywhom, on the topic at hand, I’ve watched the new Stargirl trailer half a dozen times now. I adore it! I really want some Star-Spangled Kid & Stripesy flashbacks alongside the rest of the JSA. The green glow of the house made me think of a certain Golden Age Emerald Knight…

What Johns appears to have done for the TV series is to combine the Starman and Star-Spangled Kid characters into one so that Courtney being a “legacy hero” is less complicated.

While that would be nice, HBO Max will have this on their streaming service. Undercutting their main streaming app for a cheaper DCU price isn’t the best move for them especially if the newly announced Green Lantern and Adam Strange is also a Berlanti produced shows.

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Oh definitely what they are doing and I assumed when I heard about this show that is the path they would take. It would not be beneficial to have her start out as The Star Spangled Kid. And maybe I am wrong but isn’t that basically her origin in current continuity now that I think of it? That she was Stargirl from the beginning?

What I found interesting was the scene of Pat Dugan and Starman in the past looked like it was from the 40’s. I assumed for the sake of making it less complicated they would just say the JSA existed in the 80’s or something and take the time travel element out of Pat’s character. The older car and look might just be a stylistic thing like Gotham using imagery that looks out of place in the present. But I do wonder now if the time travel element won’t be present.


That makes sense. I know Robinson has final say over whether Jack Knight appears in other media or not. While I would’ve loved to see Jack in this, I’m cool with Sylvester Pemberton becoming Starman in this universe.

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What I was talking about was Johns taking the Ted and/or Jack Knight Starman characters and the Sylvester Pemberton Star-Spangled Kid character and making them the same person rather than having Courtney carry on the Starman legacy through the staff and name variation and the Star-Spangled Kid legacy through the costume.

IOW, Pat Dugan was either the sidekick to Ted or Jack or the sidekick to Pemberton, and whomever he was the sidekick to used the Starman name, the cosmic staff, and the patriotic Star-Spangled Kid/Stargirl costume.

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But HBOMAX is looking at a much broader service. I don’t have plans to subscribe to HBOMAX anytime soon. So they share DC shows, especially HBOMAX after their initial run. Not forever, but maybe for 3 months. There is probably some cross pollination possibilities.

Then why none of the “DCEU” movies hasn’t landed here in DCU but it will be in HBO Max which are all of them. One of them exists right now but the other doesn’t even exist but they still chose to put it in a service that doesn’t exist yet. That doesn’t make sense if you are a DCU subscriber.

Once I see Watchmen here, which isn’t a Berlanti produced show, then there is a possibility but people really have to accept the fact the main draw for DCU are comics and community. HBO Max is their main DC flagship streaming service.