STARGIRL Will Shine on DC Universe in Spring 2020

The latest light in the DC firmament is set to radiate in the second quarter of next year. That’s right – Stargirl will debut on DC Universe in the spring of 2020. Each episode of the show, starring Brec Bassinger in the title role, will arrive on The CW Network the day after it drops on DC Universe.

To read all about what’s to come for Stargirl on both DC universe and The CW Network, check out today’s News article!

Let us know below if you’re excited for Stargirl!


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I like the idea of this show airing on The CW after DCU. It’s a perfect fit for the main demographic of the CW, plus it’s a great cross-promotional spotlight to shine DCU under.

You can envision an ad where the announcer says “Enjoying Stargirl on The CW? You can watch new episodes a day early on DC Universe. Head to to learn more!” while assorted promotional imagery for DCU plays on the screen.

Marketing. It really does work wonders. :slightly_smiling_face:


This makes me really curious about the run time. Like would episodes fit a 30 minute slot or an hour slot for T.V.? :thinking: Depending on the episode many of these original DC Universe shows range in time. I just hope this was planned from the beginning so when we receive the episodes here it doesn’t feel like certain things were cut or stretched in the editing room for the sake of a certain run time for it to air on the CW. We’ll just wait and see for more news. Looking forward to what we get from this show. :+1:


This was the one DC Universe original i didnt care for so im not upset about the CW thing. I can understand the whole marketing and cross promo since that is the CWs audience and it might help get more subscribers. But if i was someone who was highly anticipating Stargirl and i was a paying DCU subscriber, I’d be ticked that the show would be on the CW app for free 2 days later. I can understand both sides.


As a long time fan of the Starman legacy… I am sooooo excited for this show. Courtney was a shinning star as part of the JSA. And I’m so ready to become a Brec Brassinger fan.

The CW cross-airing is actually a good promotional tool to bring in more traffic for this site (hopefully). :star::star2::stars::star::star2::stars:


One of the advantages of Stargirl being on DCU over it’s CW and CW app presentations is that the DCU presentation will be completely ad free and in 4K.


Since you just confirmed that Stargirl will air on CW the day after it airs on DCU I went ahead and cancelled my subscription so it wont renew next month. There is no need for DCU now when most shows and movies will be on other platforms. Its dead to me now.


She will also debut on the Crisis crossover event


So, the CW viewers get to watch this show the day after we do AND it’s available to stream on the CW site and app for free. Meanwhile, we can’t even get the animated movies until 90 days after the physical release :joy:

Interesting development…


@nu52 Actually that has me thinking now. Since my membership will be expired by then I don’t need to subscribe to watch Stargirl if it’s free on the CW. I would gladly pay $$$ to watch exclusive shows here but if it’s on t.v. for free than there isn’t much of a point. hmmmm… :thinking:
I can live with getting some ads once a week if it means saving some $$$. I always change the channel anyway or go on my phone til’ it comes back from commercial break so it’s not a big deal.


Looking forward to it, I think I would rather watch Stargirl on here then the CW, cause there’s no commercials on here.
As @Vroom said this is a great marketing plan where it can get people to come join the DC Universe.


Stargirl for free on The CW is nice, but the library of 22,000+ comics, the Community, DC Daily, Spotlight featurettes/documentaries, giveaways, Book Clubs, chances to converse with DC talent from different mediums, Watch-Alongs, 4K content that isn’t available in 4K anywhere else, the movie and TV library and more are all still worth being a member for.

To me at least. :slightly_smiling_face:


Most people just record things in todays world and fast forward through commercials. Ad free isnt a huge selling point for me. In fact commercials bother me so little I wont ever upgrade to ad free Hulu.


Not excited for DCU, or should I say failing DCU, Stargirl yes! Lets pack it up and move to HBO Max already!


Your loss.

There are several reasons to be subscribed to DC Universe:

  1. The comics library

  2. The fan community

  3. “First-run” access to streaming content like Titans, Doom Patrol, and Stargirl, and exclusive access to older DCTV stuff and older DC films


The day after seems a little too soon to really be a factor for people to sign on to DCU – I would think something like a week would be better.

But her apparently playing a role in Crisis is pretty interesting.


If all of DCU’s content was available for free on other platforms, I could understand the distress, but a lot of streaming sites offer exclusive content amid that which is available for free from other sources. In the end, it’s all going to come down to what benefits you‘re willing to pay for. Unless Stargirl is someone’s one and only reason to subscribe, I’m not sure why it should be cause for membership cancellation for good. There’s always the option to go monthly and jump back on board for the DCU exclusives that are of interest as they become available.


Spotlight? they only have one and took out Aquaman, there “Specials” are DC Daily Clips, just a mess. HD Batman Beyond has one Season Remastered? There are 3 Season. They should just seperate it I do not even read Digital comics.


Community and a lot of the giveaways don’t require a paid membership. Documentaries/spotlight features come once in a blue moon and might even get taken away without warning (Aquaman). Some of the tv shows are available on CW Seed. DC Daily is free too. It was announced a while ago when they were sending people over from Youtube.