Stargirl Vs. Stargirl

Isn’t this just going to be another captain marvel scenario? Where Marvel and dc(well I guess in this case Disney and WB) trying to claim the rights to a characters name

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What is Shazam’s name in cannon anyway. if people ask what you’re name? And he says Shazam wouldn’t he just transform back into billy Batson


Shazam, Billy can now say Shazam without transforming. From what I read he has to yell it out.

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But see, that still doesn’t make sense! How is the lightning bolt supposed to differentiate when Billy is speaking normally and when he’s yelling? I guess it’s all magic anyhow so it doesn’t matter to understand how it works.

Still, this Shazam thing is a predicament that keeps me awake at night :joy::joy:

Yep. Why I don’t like Disney. If you want family friendly animated movies for everyone, Pixar is where it’s at.

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Well I don’t think it’s up to the lightning bolt itself, it’s more of Billy showing(shouting) that he’s ready to transform.

Or Studio Ghibli, DreamWorks, sony animation.

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I watched Disney star girl it was actually pretty good

Basically anything other than Disney