Stargirl Season 2

Would you want the next season’s Big Bad to continue to be the Injustice Society of America or would you prefer a new one, for example Johnny Sorrow?

I would Johnny Sorrow not only for the sheer joy of seeing one of my favorite villains on screen, but also to see how they’d pull off the effect.

Johnny Sorrow, Vandal Savage, Obsidian, Per Degaton, and The Crime Syndicate are who I want to see.

I just want to see Billy Batson join the team. He and Stargirl were an adorable teen couple.

So Pat chases him away for flirting with someone half his age. Then Billy comes back trying to ignore Solomon, and is constantly flirting with Star despite her anger at him resulting in Rick threatening to clobber him. Yes, I do want to see that adapted.

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Does anyone remember in the original Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E comic, there were multiple “former home of Kid Flash” references? I’d love to see those. I know this post is about villains but I really just want that pointed out if it hasn’t been in the show already haha

Season 1 has been about teens vs grown ups, so I’d like the season 2 villains to be kids like Courtney and her friends.

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Season 1 has done so much setup of the next generation ISA - Shiv, Artemis Crock, Fiddler’s son, Icicle Jr., and I may have forgotten some – I really want to see them finding their places in the next season.

For Season 3, after the kids start to think they’ve got this hero thing down, then they can start throwing in some of the other villains. (Or maybe a Season 2 final two episodes plot twist – hidden puppetmaster scenario or something. But probably just save it for Season 3.)