Stargirl Season 2 - Review & Thoughts

I’m not sure what the general consensus is among all of you about this show. But for me…I actually really dig it. I think I already reviewed season 1 way back, but just to go over it again briefly - I liked it. Good acting, action, some good dramatic moments as well. CGI is kinda hit or miss. When it comes to something like energy blasts from the staff, good. When it comes to Solomon Grundy, bad. Liked all the villains of the ISA for various reasons, looked forward to season 2.

And I have to say, I REALLY liked this one, much more than season 1. Right off the bat, I think Yolanda is the best engaging of the legacy heroes. Her personal story and her philosophy/internal struggle really got me invested in her. That’s not to take anything away from the others. Courtney goes through her own arc which works, still like Rick Tyler. And I appreciate developing Beth a bit more this time around. She was decent in the previous season, but felt like she was just kinda the weird one in the group. But good job on developing her more.

This time around, they do incorporate the original JSA members a bit more than just references. Mainly through flashbacks, but also through a couple of other clever ways too. But one thing that still kinda bothers me was that they never just made Pat a full JSA member and a few times in the flashbacks, even Sylvester is kinda a jerk to him. There is one flashback scene that does for the most part make up for that, but I digress. OH! Jennie is introduced and I like her. She has good energy. But I want to go over a couple of bad guys/allies in this season. The Shade I thought was well portrayed and written. He’s this guy who isn’t fully good or evil. Yea, he would clash with heroes time to time but for something like this he would definitely help them. Even considered the original Doctor Midnighter a friend, and I liked that. Also, Sportsmaster & Tigress are just delightful. Yea, they are villains, but they clearly do care about being good parents. One of my favorite parts of this season was when they break out of prison to watch their daughter do football tryouts for college. And the one on one the two of them have with Pat & Barbara was really entertaining. I actually do believe the villains consider them as friends afterwards.

But I think what really elevated this season for me was the main bad guy - Eclipso. I’ve always bee the guy who loves the more supernatural aspect of comics. Swamp Thing, John Constantine, Zatanna, I can’t get enough of them. When they released a first look image for him, I wasn’t sure how exactly it would work in the show. But he really does have this otherwordly presence, and there are several parts of the show that do feel like a psychological horror film. That’s my s*** right there! And I do like how the themes of internal darkness is used throughout the show, and how it affects different people. Of course, you know the season ends with all of them overcoming it because they remember how much love they all have for each other. I never said this was a groundbreaking show, but I still do really like it.

I think the reason why I have grown to really like this show is because it felt like I was reading JSA comics. I read the 1999 series and the 2006 series so I’m using that for my point of reference. The show also highlights one of the things I love so much about DC and that’s legacy. The respect and importance of the older heroes while also embracing the younger ones who take up the mantle. I really like that and hope to see that continue with the show.

As for thoughts on what season 3 might hold? Well, the subtitle is “Frenemies” so you know that means one of the main stories is Cindy trying to change and be a part of the JSA. And yea, I saw the credits scene where Bones shows up at that rehabilitation center and starts having interest in Blue Valley. But I want to know HOW Starman is alive damn it! They teased it at the end of season 1, he only showed up in this season premiere and finale and all he said was he would explain it later! I really need a damn answer.


In the comics Sylvester was temporarily brought back through time travel messing with things. I do not think they are going that route.