Stargirl Season 2 JSA Recruits?

whats your wish list
Jakeem thunder
Silver scarab


i second Jakeem and the way the left it with Justin maybe will meet some of the other seven soldiers and find out what happened time travel? it be great for Jade and Obsidian to show up not sure they will use them though cause green lantern TV show

Sandman and Atom Smasher.

please if we do atom smasher and stargirl make it so he is not an adult while she is a teenager in high school ots gross

They could de-age Atom Smasher or have it as puppy love on Star’s part. Poor Pat might now have to do Flash’s dirty work, as that went terrible for Pat in the comics.

That’s pretty much how it was in the JSA series. Courtney had a huge crush on Albert he never did reciprocate. (The one time it looked like he had it wasn’t really him, but a villain in disguise pretending to be him) I think the whole teenage girl having a crush on an older guy trope is a totally realistic thing for a character that age, but it should stay just that, a crush, for obvious reasons. (Even if it was implied in issue #15 that they got married sometime later…who knows how long down the line)


More like confirmed they got married and had children in the future. I just presume it is after Star came off age. A 30ish year old man marrying a 22ish year old (I do not know the exact difference) woman is much more manageable.

He did reciprocate the feelings in Thy Kingdom Come and the next 7ish issues, but he was very worried about the age difference.

If you go off how long ago Infinity Inc would have happened based on the timeline of the early JSA issues. Albert would have been about 23 or 24 when she was 15-16. I think she would have been 17 during the whole Kingdom Come storyline (or close to turning 17)

I did notice that when they talked to him about it, he gave Courtney the same sort of brush-off that Lyta gave him in Infinity Inc. (I do love you, but like a sister) He seemed very grounded in the fact that that he cared for her, but there were lines he couldn’t cross. I still think he should have just told her the truth, and then just explained why they needed to wait while.


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Knowing comic books she will be 16 for a few centuries. At least she aged up from 15.

That’s why I’ve always said, if they ever restart JSA, they should acknowledge the skip-ahead in time a bit, and let her have that young-adult life they never did before, even if just in a series of flashbacks. It’d be great to see how that situation finally did eventually play out.

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as someone who has been a teenage girl I feel the teen age girl has crush on older boy trope is over used and unrealistic

ialso i’ve just personally never liked the girl has crush on boy as child boy sees her as friend/sister girl grows up and sees her as romatic interest it just feels wrong like Emma/clueless bother me so much but thats just me

I think Air Wave should show up. And I think Air Wave would be a good romantic interest for Courtney too. I’m not sure about Air Wave’s exact age in the comics but he seems like a character that is very easy to de-age in a show. And if Air Wave shows up they can introduce the All-Star Squadron. Plus if the All-Star Squadron exists we can get Jesse Quick.


The sad part about that was Al knew the sister line was a complete lie when he said it. It was probably just the only way he could think of to try to say what he needed to. (considering he was pressured into pushing her away, to begin with) It was almost the exact thing Fury said to him years before when he confessed his feelings to her, and she shot him down. Honesty probably would have been better, because Courtney saw right through it, and I think the lie hurt her more than being told them being together couldn’t happen right then.

I am convinced that is the main reason she joined the All-Stars. Powergirl (contrary to popular belief the All-Stars was very much Powergirl’s team, not Magog’s team) was very supportive of them hooking up and playing matchmaker. Powergirl’s whole recruiting pitch was seeing her as an adult, and Star knew that was not happening with Ted, Alan, and Jay.

In addition with most of the children leaving for the All-Stars and the weird plan Johnny Sorrow was using she would have very much been the baby of the team again.

I would love to see some version of Jay Garrick and Allan Scott​:pray:t2:

I predict we will get an adaptation of JSA/JSA. Meaning through time travel they show up.


Oh the team is ABSOLUTELY going to need magic heavy hitters like Doctor Fate, Spectre, and the Thunderbolt to deal with Eclipso.

that last 30 seconds left me going

“Oh no…,no, no, no…they are in BIG trouble”


yeah Johnny Sorrow was gross lets hope that doesn’t happen eithier


I thought that too then explained to Dad who Eclipso is.