Stargirl Season 2 Going to CW, Reportedly Leaving DC Universe

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that season 2 of Stargirl has been picked up by the CW (yay!) but that the series will now be a CW exclusive and will no longer premiere new episodes on DC Universe (boo!). The series will stream on HBO Max following its television run. Thoughts?


It’s all but official confirmation that WB won’t keep DC Universe around for much longer. At least not the way we know it now.


There is no mention of DC Universe on the FanDome site either. It looks pretty dire. The worst thing they could do would be to kill it outright and not have a digital comic service. The original shows and movies have a place, but there’s nothing else like the comic service it there for DC.


That would definitely push me towards Disney and Marvel. The money I save from this would go straight to Disney.


I know we go over this like once a quarter. “Oh no look at the news DC Universe is done for” I’ve never had that state of mind. This however doesn’t give me a great feeling about the service, that mixed with there’s no longer an annual subscription option just gives me bad vibes.


As long as we keep all the comics and this community, I’m okay with that.


I don’t think there is any guarantee of that though. It almost seems unlikely


Yeah, I agree, I tried to not believe the doomsday rumors but this is bad news.


It should also be noted that Stargirl joins Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn, and Swamp Thing (since it’s airing on CW I’m guessing HBO Max will have the rights to it after it airs) as shows that will be going to/simultaneously streaming on HBO Max, leaving just Titans and Young Justice as the only DC Universe ongoing exclusives. Things are definitely looking a bit bleak.


Supposedly the DC unscripted shows we’re supposed to air after Doom Patrols season was over but have been postponed due to all the COVID stuff.


Looking forward to season 2, but I would hope it would be on here also.


I mean I’m happy about a season 2 It absolutely sucks that it won’t be on the service. I main concern though is I don’t want the quality of the show to drop.


If true I’m honestly concerned about what the future of this app holds. One theory I heard was that DC uses it to produce the shows themselves so that it’s easier to shop them to networks because they’re already made, that way it allows them to make what they want without networks turning them down. Thoughts?


I just hope they say something soon because its really annoying for the show to just leave the app like this.


Being subscribed to this app isn’t feeling special anymore. I try to be optimistic but holding out to the idea that the app will stay. I think that’s what they’re going to be doing for the virtual convention, they’re going to say that the app will be repurposed into a comic only site


I just saw where the show was renewed for season 2 (yay!) but moving exclusively to the CW. I am just worried between this move, DC Universe shows such as Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn being shown on HBO Max, and WB owning all three services I am just worried they will get rid of DC Universe to which I say noooooo!
I have enjoyed this service more for the community it provides than just the shows. I can read comics and talk with like minded individuals. Everyone here has been great and nonjudgmental which is a rarity online. I have thoroughly enjoyed @CynicalPink’s DCFAC as I have gotten back into drawing in a more regular basis. I have enjoyed participating in discussing Arrowverse shows with @arkhamassassin’s Arrowverse Couch Club. Finally I would miss my fellow Legendary Island of Misfits who enjoy my weekly summary of one of the best shows out there!
I am just looking for some assurance as I came for the originals but I stayed for the family, dysfunctional as we may be.


I hope this season wraps up nicely so we can have one great season of Stargirl. I would expect a drop in quality when the CW takes over for season 2


The CW characters spend most of the episodes making up excuses why they can’t use their powers. I’m worried for a Stargirl season on the CW. Realistically, how many times will we be able to see S.T.R.I.P.E or characters like Icicle? And will they look as good as they do now?


On fb itchas been announced


Well that does not bode well for us. I assume after titans and young justice third season they will move to hbomax and dcuniverse becomes comics only. It just seems inevitable. Hell Hbomax has more dc animated content then we do, even previous CW type stuff