Stargirl Season 2 Discussion

Now we’re getting there. Helix!!! I’ll be SO HAPPY if they get to Helix. Director Bones on the phones. I want Tao Jones, Penny Dreadful, Arak/ Wind-Walker, Baby Boom, Kritter.


Just the shout out is enough tho. Thunderbolt’s making gingerbread homes :house_with_garden:, Jade’s learning to control the Starheart. Obsidian’s gotta be soon. This show just keeps improving. Musical soundtracks’ always great too. Eclipso was sweet & Shade’s about to get to work. Even got a Gentleman Jim Craddock shout out!!!


I hope Jim gets an appearance.


I realized something far scarier than Eclipso. Of all the secondary JSA members Beth has by far the best parents.


Oh man, that’d be amazing!!! Thinking he probably will? Him & Shade appear together a lot in DC Comics, animated series etc. & known each other forever.


I, Can’t Believe Courtney Got Stuck In the Shadowland!
I, Agree with Others!
I, Hope Gentleman Jim Ghost Shows Up In the Future!
Another Great Episode of Star Girl!
I, Love the J.S.A. Flashbacks!
I, Hope the Justice Society of America Gets Their Own T.V. Show and A Movie!


Here’s to hoping Infinity Inc. was Nostradamus-like in the 80’s.


I’m always happy to see The Shade.

I was NOT expecting that ending at all.


One thing I did find odd about this episode is that the opening scene had the subtitle/caption /narration text (unsure if there’s a specific name) stating “decades ago”. Then, Pat says he hasn’t been in the shop/office for ten years. Not only that, but in twenty or even fifteen years (to qualify for decades), people age and get a little more grey or white hair. Nothing wrong with the show, but I do not know if that would classify as a goof.


Awesome™:+1: episode

The start with Pat and Starman was great. A very sweet scene.

Then Beth finding out more. Shade getting some origin. And he’s always up to something.

Also Seems like Thunder is Back. And Grundy being a great friend.

Courtney and Pat on a trip to find Jenny. Nice stuff between them to still talking about the murder. Interesting stuff. Cool Helix tease. Maybe next season’s villains​:thinking:.

Jenni is found and the trick happens. Eclipso traps Courtney in the shadow lands which seems to be the next adventure.

Will Courtney escape the Shadow Lands? Is Thunder the back in Blue Valkey? What’s Shade planning? All this and more Same Star Time Same Star Channel

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Based on both JSA and Seven Soldiers of Victory lore in the comics, my feeling is that the ‘Decades Ago’ text is not a goof.

We know that Dr. McNider’s daughter’s death also took place ‘Decades Ago’, in an era that looks to be 1950s-ish. We also know that the JSA/ISA fight took place on Christmas Day in 2010, with the JSA coming back together after being pulled apart by the Eclipso debacle. This would have been the last time Pat would have stepped foot in the Civic City JSA-HQ garage.

So something transpired in between the two events that leads everyone on the team to look the same after several decades. Whether it is a comics JSA related event like Ian Karkull, which prolonged the lives of the JSA’ers over the years, or a comics Seven Soldiers related event that time displaced the members. Something happened that I’m sure Geoff Johns will reveal in some future season of the show, I’d wager.