Stargirl Season 1 Finale

Should they have brought in Starman into the show after his death? This is Stargirl’s show, not Starman’s after all.

I think it is a villain (maybe Humanite) in disguise.

I assume that the Staff would be able to tell right away if its an imposter. I enjoyed the season Courtney, Pat, and the New Dr Midnight (Beth) were all amazing.

I was surprised at what happened to Dragon King.

I was confused/annoyed when I saw Henry claiming to be disguised as one of the henchmen, but immediately very happy with how Wildcat realized what was happening and took action.

I dont understand why Icycle is so interested in Courtney’s Mom, I think it would have been better if he left to explain to his son (Icycle Jr) why he was doing everything.

I am hopeful that next season we get to see Artemis (as she is one of my favorites from Young Justice)